Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Best

Today is my early joint birthday celebration with my niece. If not on either of our special days, some time near them we partake in what has become a standing tradition. That of just us two leo gal pals having a Build a Bear date. I have Chichi monkey, Koalie koala, Martin the snow bear and another yellow bear in cowboy boots whose name escapes me. I am sure SMB would be able to recall his name and easily rattle off those of her collection as well. But this year we’re changing it up. And that’s because like with any trend or fad -- they come and go. And so, gone are Build a Bears. At least for this soon to be nine year old. So today we will be having our first ever Webkinz date. And this post is a special one because it’s my formal invitation to SMB for this very special tradition: SMB, you are cordially invited at 6pm for a Short Pump Webkinz outing. Followed by a GNO at your restaurant of choice. And topped off with birthday yummies and a girls only slumber party at your Nummie’s. (Nice rhyme if I do same so). Now of course, next to some QT with my girl, of most importance is attire. It would only be suitable that we dawn our Birthday best. Which could only mean pink, flirty, fun and feminine for me. And for you SMB, anything in green! (Chanel 09)

LC Shop-It Reco: Go up, up and away with your birthday balloons in this Chanel ad's look-alike party dress from Rebecca Taylor.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ban De Soleil

Gone seem the days of poolside suntanning glamour, right? I mean if the fear of wrinkles and skin cancer haven't had you spending your summers indoors for the past few years, the excruciating heat now does. It's the official ban de soleil. But before I even knew how hot these coming days would be, I had already vowed to ban partaking in baking. If I happen to be outdoors and get some Vitamin D, great. But there is no high maintenance weekend front side, back side body flipping going on here this summer. Which works out nicely since it's so damn hot -- and even if I wanted to tan, it's impossible. So yesterday it was 102. I could stay indoors or find an outdoor activity that didn't involve laying directly underneath a blazing ball of fire by a hot bath posing as a pool. First stop, my niece and nephew. Lucky me! Second stop, Target. Lucky them! By 2:30 I had the full monty slip and slide in effect and was leading the charge in the slipping and sliding. Yeap, I sure was. And you know what else, for the first time in two decades I was in a one piece. Ugh not my friends, they aren't that bad when a bikini is less than appropriate. So not only was my backyard water surfing in great form, so was my fashion in this cute Pret-a-Surf. S and H approved of both. Big kisses my babies. (Zimmermann 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: Surf more looks by Pret-a-Surf on their website or from their store list where other pieces are sold.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prayer and Wear

Two years ago while shopping LA's Fred Segal, I discovered a little DINR (diamond in the ruff) -- Virgins, Saints and Angels. I was quite pleased with this find and my two subsequent purchases. Not being Catholic never entered my mind as I selected a colorful rosary and beautiful cross necklace. They were just too unique to leave behind; and I took even greater pleasure knowing I'd be the only one in possession of this jewelry back East. How I like it. But a year later when my boss asked me if he could get a similar necklace for his wife, I decided saying no would be bad for my career. So she soon became a proud owner as well. And then there were The Real Housewives of New Jersey. For the entire first season, each wife seemed to have a different VSA necklace for every day of the show. For a while I thought those tacky turnpikers had ruined the style and class that these precious pieces once possessed. So I decided to retire my faux-catholosism for a bit. But while in Argentina I stumbled upon an antique booth at a city fair and found the most beautiful rosary. While admiring the Virgin Mary, I recounted this story to my cousin, who said to me, "since when are you Catholic?". But before I could respond, she said, "Oh right, of course, you're Catholic when the fashion suits". Well put. No matter to whom you pray, Riccardo Tisci's play on Virgins, Saints and Angels for Givenchy is worthy of prayer and wear. And so are my two pieces. (Givenchy Fall/Winter 08)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

I am doing just fine back in the States, but do miss you so. To my readers, ola! Cómo estás? Yes, I not only brought back some South American fashion like this Panama Jack inspired hat, but some Spanish too. I'm still in vacation re-entry mode though so this is just a quick hello and notice that I'll be in full LizzieColeman effect again by next week. I mean you all know how it goes -- one must take her time re-aclimating so as not to over activate the gerbils resulting in mental and physical chaos. So for now I'm getting my work affairs, house and most importantly, my hair in order. Thanks to Charles, my powerful stylist, I am cut and colored and ready for summer. And my new coif is the perfect completion to my fun hat. Definitely recommend you purchase one to go with a flirty day look, a sexy cocktail dress or of course with your Brazilian bikini. Wink! (Emanuel Ungaro Spring 09)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature Nymph

Last day in LA. Well actually I’m not in LA today, I’m on location in the woods. That’s right, in the woods with ticks, rattle snakes and coyotes. Or so I have been warned. Hellooooo. Good to know -- now that I am here and wearing my Prada flip fops. All the better for nature’s wildlife to get me. Had I known, I might have dressed to better brave the elements. But don’t worry everyone, there’s a medic and EMT on stand by so when that rattler slithers up and nips my tootsies because he thinks they are mice (as my Client put it), I’ll be in good care. Really though, I wish I had just gotten the memo. I would have selected more suitable footwear. Been looking for an excuse to showcase Nic’s adorable booties from her Winter Kate collection. Check out these suede beaded moccasins called the Maddie. So darn cute for a day as a nature nymph. (Marie Claire, Natalie Portman)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Road Warrior

I'm on the road again. Will be in LA for a bit and then oh so briefly home before my trip to Buenos Aires. LizzieColeman activity will be sporadic, but I'll try to lob in some goodies as best I can. I still have not purchased a better suitcase. I just don't feel like spending my hard earned duckets on some Tumi fancy pants business. My parents have old school T Anthony, but you almost need a personal porter for those gems and I’m not porter status, yet. And I'm not really into flashy stand out pop art suitcases a la Orla Kiely either. Ick, really not a fan. I had a cute dress of hers a few years back, but what was cute is that it was unrecognizably Orla. Ahaa. Her mojo is like Hervé Chapelier to me. If you aren't familiar with my distain, read on. So I really just need an upgrade on a basic black beauty. That's what my Dad calls my current luggage. Black beauty is nondescript, but I can always find her on the carrousel because she's big, black and at least 20pds over weight, average, on any given trip. Her explosive size is unmissable. (New word). And yes, by now you have picked up on that my suitcase is female. But she's a road warrior for sure, just like me! Tootalu for now. (Tumi Campaign)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Did anyone see the Miss USA pageant last night? Apparently Virginia was in the top five. Woot woot. Barf. Can't stand pageants. Though Toddlers and Tiaras cracks me up. Anyway, this weekend was oh so pleasurable. I enjoyed some sunny weather, finished a great book, accomplished a monsterous amount of errands, and picked myself up a new pair of J Brands. Truly I think JB is my most favorite line of jeans. The selection and styles are endless and always cutting edge current. Though featured earlier this Spring, I haven't been satisfied with my military trend inspired findings yet. I have a belt, but I have been wanting the perfect cargo look. I spied some J Brand's a month ago and thought for sure they'd be swept off every store shelf by now so had somewhat given up on the pursuit. But yesterday, as if meant to be for me, I stumbled upon them, one pair left in my size, fit like a glove. They're called the Houlihan and have a skinny leg with side cargo pockets and ankle zips just like these from the runway. Military mission accomplished. (Balmain Spring 10).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Denim Deliverance

A couple weeks back I broached a delicate subject, apparently. That of the jean jacket. Thanks to many comments and emails, I have been enlightened by a vas array of mixed opinions. Though I can't say I have jumped the fence for a replacement JJ of my 5 year gone Theory favorite, nor have I followed through on a vest, I have decided I'm getting a denim shirt. I'm liking this look, a little nod to the wild west, while managing a denim deliverance in my Spring/Summer ensemble. (Dolce and Gabbana Spring 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: Almost as much a steal as the vest, this shirt from Lucky is on order and expected to arrive Monday. Giddy up.

Rain Rain Go Away

As if this cold wasn't bad enough, now it's raining too. And I have had Milli Vanilli's Blame It On The Rain stuck in my head for the past 24 hours. Double bad. I did love me some Rob and Fab though. We all went to their concert in the middle school, and swore that Fab, the cuter one, was singing directly to us. We were in the third throw and those lip synced lyrics were setting our teenage hearts on fire. And some rain was needed to put those flames out. But for today, I say rain rain go away. This picture reminds me of lighter, brighter, airy-er days. Its soft, ethereal and au natural vibe has a simple, yet divine sophistication. It also makes me want to work on a warm summer glow (when the sun returns) to match up with some neutral tones. (Vogue Nippon June 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: Check out this silk racer back top from See by Chloé. It combines flare and femininity along with white, beige and a subtle pinstripe. Pair it with a white blouse for additional texturing and visual interest, and you've got this look!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tight Spot

If you're an East Coaster, you're experiencing an unusual drop in temperature. Just as quickly as the AC went on, it's off again while we weather this momentary chill factor. It probably won't last but another few days, though I'm no Tim Timberlake. TT's a Richmond meteorologist who the locals should know. He also used to be married to our highschool french teacher. Little trivia for ya'. Anyhoo, if this mother nature snafu has you a smidge bit ticked that your warmer wears are packed up until next Fall and frustrated that your freshly tanned legs from the weekend can't be showcased, hush. You've got exactly what you need to manage through this tight spot. Take any of your fun Spring frocks, dresses or skirts, and throw on some black stockings with either. I promise this is fashionably kosher. So one more time, do the stretch, tug and pull and stuff those legs back into your HUE's and quit your shivering. (Tracy Reese Fall 09 Runway)

LC Shop-It Reco: No one should ever be without a basic pair of black opaque tights, and if you are currently, this reco is a fail. But if you have them, you can focus on your dress. Love this cutie from Tracy Reese. Picture it with your tights. Perfect chill factor solution.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Buenos Baby

I'll be in Buenos Aires at the end of the month on Holiday. Yay Argentina! And yay to my sweet, sweet cousin for extending the invitation. I need to start reading my travel books on the country and BA area to brush up on the lay of the land. Not to mention brushing up on my Espanol. But what have I been doing instead? Planning my wardrobe but of course. This much I do know, it's Winter in South America this time of year, so I'll be taking long pants, long dresses and layers. And looky look what I found -- this macramé and multicolored DVF diddy. Easy, flowing, comfy, and with a sweater and scarf, perfect for the culture and climate. Can't wait to see you cous! Besos. (Patrick Demarchelier)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Out

Lordy lordy. Apparently I have been suffering from a mean ambien hangover today. And pizza can't even cure it. Popped one of those puppies last night, and wow, my brain is still flat on its back 24 hours later. Down right blacked out. That can happen in fashion too. Ever experienced it? You stare in the closet and your brain just goes blank. It's normal, don't worry. Sometimes your fashion sense just needs a rest. So when you go dark on what to wear, do exactly that, go dark. Black is amazingly great for so many reasons, and especially when you have no clue what to put on your body. Just black out. Which apparently is my state -- so I'll be back Monday. (Paolo Roversi)

LC Shop-It Reco: A basic cotton-jersey, loose fitting, nothingness black dress - like this one from Juicy. But what a fun idea to add a little spice with those Like a Virgin leggings. A-dorable!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Un Chapeau

One of my favorite french words is un chapeau, meaning hat. It's just so cute, and well, so very french in both pronunciation and fashion. Spend any time in France and you'll be sure to see many to most wearing un chapeau, almost regularly. When I lived there I subscribed to the "cafe-way" - that of an outdoor seating area, coffee, a cigarette, and a hat. By the way, I am not stereotyping the French, if I wasn't American, I'd be French. Love em'! And a further aside, I never have been a coffee drinker or smoker, but when I lived in France, I totally embraced it. Anyway, it doesn't take a transcontinental trip to wear un chapeau. Hats are just outright cool, period. And right now I am absolutely crazy in love with Eugenia Kim's. A New Yorker who one day received a bad hair cut, been there, and needed a means to disguise it, Kim turned to hats. Which became her life and living. She's known for her unique fabrics and fun expression of traditional hat styles. Her collections are sold in all the hot spots in NYC and LA and many a celebrity head has been dawning her wears as of late. You'll pay a pretty price to become an EK follower, but good news, she has a mid-tier line available at Target. Quelle bonne idee!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Of A Kind

A quick follow up on summer options for keeping warm when the AC is up. I love scarves. I have tons and tons, none of which are solely reserved for Winter months. That's just narrow minded thinking. They're a perfectly good year round accessory and a quite functional solution to indoor cooler temps. And trust me, anyone who has style will not pass a questioning eye if they see you bundled up mid-Summer. Check out these yummies by Brightly Twisted. A throw back to tie dye done in a current modern way makes these scarves are a definite statement piece. Designers Greg Stemas and Tammy Bourque create them entirely by hand such that each is one of a kind with its own unique streaks and pattern. (Milan Fashion Week)

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Nip Out

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was sunny and super hot in Virginia, 92 degrees. Suntans and AC units were in full effect. And unless this heat wave is only temporary, you can expect the latter from your office as well. I call this time of year the "corporate freeze". It lasts from May to October, takes places in buildings occupied by 50 plus people, consists of sub-zero temperatures blowing mock speed, and brings about ... the nip out. That’s right, I said it, nip! Well it’s true and it’s a widespread epidemic for many women who are subjected to cold cubes and deprivation of space heaters due to supposed fire hazards. Fortunately my office accommodates the occasional outburst from my desk just as I near hypothermic conditions and they'll then regulate the temperature in my area. But even still, the minute I leave my den of warmth, there’s an arctic blast right around the corner. It took me awhile to get smart on this -- but just like you should always take an extra layer to a movie or on an airplane, your office is no exception. Duh. I recommend finding a token summer weight sweater or wrap to leave on stand by at your place of work. One or two actually. Pick a neutral style and color and it literally can be pulled out of your drawer, thrown on with anything, and take you all the way until the heat kicks back on next Fall. Though I do recommend one or two trips to the dry cleaners in between.

LC Shop-It Reco: To minimize teeth chatter, ice formations on your fingers and nips from nipping, try this yummy, warm basic from Calypso.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shake It Sista'

Last summer I made a tribute post to MJ. It involved a dress up, dance party homage to “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”. I’m feeling another music inspired look. And ironically it too has ruffles. What is it about a good song, ruffles and me? I think it’s the flirty, flippy sass they create with a little shake shake shake. My song request today is Train’s “Hey Soul Sista'”. Anyone heard it? Makes me so happy. Total cheese. But it reminds me of how every man should feel about the one he loves. And what’s he not to love about a look just like this soul sista’s. Cue lyrics ... “I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight. The way you can cut a rug, watching you's the only drug I need. You're the only one I'm dreaming of you see. I can be myself now finally and in fact there's nothing I can't be. I want the world to see you be with me.” So go ahead, it’s Thursday, shake it sista’. (Patrick Demarchelier)

LC Shop-It Reco: Lots of Lanvin love in this recommend. Check out this white tiered silk dress and this pompom embellished belt to synch it in. You’ll have to unsynch your wallet to have it though. But the song's only $1.29.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Still on the road so will have to keep today brief. I realized I may have left some of you hanging with "The Pin". I mentioned crafting a modern execution of a suit by using a blazer with some of your less formal business pieces. You can avoid the style and physical restriction of the she-man two piece by pairing up mix-matched pieces that's all you. How fabulous is Rebecca Taylor's version of this ingenious concept. Wink. I also love the cool tones that add a sleek sophistication to this working girl's world. Now I recognize this moment won't fly with my banker and lawyer readers. But that's a bigger conundrum than I have the time to tackle now, complete with panty hose. Lordy me. (Rebecca Taylor Spring 10)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Your Wedge

Back on the road today. Quick trip to NYC. And this pic reminds me I really need some new luggage. Do you remember these suitcases? Fabulous. I had a green one; I think it's still in my parent's attic. Probably has a Piedmont baggage claim on it too. But I don't think I'll be bringing it out anytime soon. Anything without wheels, well let's face it, no matter how vintage-chic it is, ain't practical. I'll log this in the gerbil bank and we'll discuss later. After getting a fresh Mademoiselle pedi last night, I'm wanting to showcase my toes so I did a little wedge exploration online before bed. There are soooo many, but I was looking for ones that have a wood/cork feel on the platform or wedge itself. Uber in right now. But that also shows some pedi, and is fun for Spring to Summer. These by Chloe have that sweet meets cute while still classic and sophisticated vibe. And then these by DVF possess some serious hard core meets I mean business kind of energy. Really there's a style for for everyone -- so what's your wedge?

LC Shop-It Reco: No matter what type of wedge you get, I'm feeling the short skirt or dress look as the appropriate compliment. I think wedges make your feet more pronounced (big) and a nice sneak peek of a long slender leg balances it out. Also, a big shoe makes your leg look skinnier, so show em' off.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The JJ's Revival

It’s probably about time I cover off on the JJ, aka the jean jacket. I’ve affectionately referred to this article of denim as such for years. Definitely a part of the LC fashion vernacular, ask any of the besties. And also ask them about my last JJ, it was Theory. Had it probably from 2000 to 2005. Wore it down to the bone, holes in the elbows and everything. But ohhhh I loved it. Yet it was best that it aged to an unwearable point as it was not such a hot number any longer. And I guess that’s why I am struggling with the JJ’s revival this Spring. Are they really hot again? Or, were they never not hot? I just know I stopped wearing mine, and started turning my nose up at those who still were. I think I am also struggling with how hard core 80’s the trend is being positioned. Don’t get me wrong, amazing decade, but also one with many a fashion faux pas. So I’m on the fence about this subject. If I’m leaning one way more than another, it’s a no go for the JJ. But, a possibility for the JV. At least I won’t have to worry about holes in the elbows. (Ralph Lauren Spring 10/DSquared Spring 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: For a dubious purchase, it’s not worth a lot of money. I might test drive this Kardashian esk vest from American Eagle.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pin

I’ve been dying for SJP’s J’Adore Dior tee. And thinking of Christian Dior reminds me of a story from back in the day. Before I took my first job at Calvin Klein, I interviewed at many American and French houses. Due to my fluency at the time, un peu de français était logique. I was living a dream – Hermes, Christian LaCroix, Chanel to name a few. Imagine -- freshly plucked from college, green as could be, and walking off the elevator into Chanel’s reception area on 57th street overlooking Central Park. I remember being so taken a back I actually had to catch my breath – I had arrived! And then, there was my interview at Dior. I think it must have been one of my first. Let me preface that I hate suits; they’re so uptight, awkward, and she-man esk. I don’t own any business clothing now and I didn’t at the time, with the exception of a few token "interview suits". And I was struggling with the whole thing. Knowing how much I hated how fashionably confining they were, my Mom encouraged me to add my own touch of style – a scarf or a pin. Quelle horreur, a pin?! Another item I hate. My mom has a huge collection and I’ll give her major props for pulling off a pin or two. But me, no way. So I’m getting dressed the morning of my interview, and as I was ironing my suit, I became distracted. Well sure enough I burnt a hole in the lapel of the bleepitibleep thing. Panic and desperation ensued. I was staying with a family friend at the time; an older, not my size and not my style lady. Would I really have to raid her closet for a solution to my burn victim? I would. With great trepidation, I approached her with my predicament. And with great excitement and pleasure, she offered me … a pin. I didn’t get the job at Dior. (Christian Dior Couture Spring 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: If you have to work a suit, and this runway excellence is overkill, try pairing a blazer with some of your more casual pieces. You’ll keep it modern, less intense, and your own.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sir Union Jack

I’m headed to DC with my Dad today. We try to take a monthly history trip because we were both majors and share a huge passion for the subject. Nerds. No seriously, we’re cool. Promise. Anyway, our outings have become a bit of a father daughter tradition and produce special memories. With this trip being to our nation’s capital, I have patriotism on the brain. In particular the American flag. I think ours, France’s and Britain’s are some of the best looking ones. Ironically they all share the same colors, but not necessarily the same success translated into fashion. On a pole, all are amazing. On the body, the Brits have us beat. Is saying that treason? Eeks. Well if it is, maybe England will have me. I wouldn't mind a little Sir Union Jack. And chips, but not fish. And an accent for sure. Well for now I'm just off to DC. Cheerio. (British Vogue 08)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hump Day's Hump

Today is going to be a beast. Considering I will have accomplished getting men on my roof to begin repairs, taking my car in for an estimate on its own set of repairs, and picking up flower arrangements for National Administrative Assistant Day ALL by 9:00, yeah, beast! Especially for someone whose usually only brushing her teeth by that time. After my pre morning marathon, the workday will actually begin. Which is jam packed, back to back per the usual hump day irony. I mean really, when hump day’s hump is as gi-normoous as Mount Kilimanjaro, pa-lease. So for being mad crazy on the go from dawn to dusk, it will be all about my to-do notebook and a good pair of sneaks. I love Pumas, Converse, Vans and Juicy’s.

LC Shop-It Reco: Any of the above in bold colors or fun patterns are fab foot fashion. But I’m really loving these Converse in particular.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Valentino Chi

Does anyone watch Dancing With the Stars? Big fan over here. But big confusion over last night’s Pretty Woman routine by Nicole Scherzinger. You know, the Pussy Cat who dances with Derek. She’s attractive, right? (So’s he by the way, meow). Well though her dancing may have attracted high scores from the judges, I could hardly watch because there was something so very unpretty woman about her. The hair, the make-up and the dress -- the matronly, dated, too much fabric, big-broad-back baring red dress. Ick. All of it scored zeros for me. Hair and make-up aside, the dress simply needed to be much sexier, more modern and actually pretty! Red is a difficult color in evening wear I admit; but Valentino is one designer who never, ever gets it wrong. He should come out of retirement just for red. He would have nailed Nicole’s costume. Instead, it threw me off my DWTS axis, and I was forced to immediately channel some Valentino chi with this beauty by the maker himself. (Valentino Fall 09)

LC Shop-It Reco: If this featured dress wasn’t two seasons past, I’d be in it. But I like this shorter stretch-jersey drape number too. Feels like it needs a cocktail and some Latin dance music. Derek?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Angels on High

Hi lovelies. Sorry again for an unusual week of posts. I had to travel to Texas as you know. But I'm back; and with some serious Monday dish. Lady Gaga. Love her music, appreciate her self-expression, but, will never forgive her recent act of fashion sacrilege. Check it! Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the Alleluia chorus from angels on high that is -- an Hermes Birkin. A bag that averages $20,000, requires a waiting list to purchase, and is coveted by nearly all of mankind is never to be anything but worshipped. And what does Miss Gaga do to hers, she graffitis it. She takes a black marker and draws scribble on it like a child to a coloring book. Well like a child, she needs to be sent to her room. And I’m holding onto the key. Gaga, you’re done to me until further notice. (Hermes Runway)

LC Shop-It Reco: Because Birkins are beyond, they don’t even exist on Hermes’ site. As you know, it takes a call, visit, name dropping and still, a whole lot of patience to get one. Unless you want to go second hand on EBay. Mini sacrilege in my POV.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Need I Say More

The Sex And The City 2 count down is officially in full effect. Complete with SJP dawning the cover of May Vogue. I’m near salivating with excitement for endless pages of her fashion fabulousness. And let’s not even talk about what the movie trailer is doing to me. I’ve watched it, I kid not, probably 24 times since it debuted. I’m obsessed. Let’s face it -- hemroids would be better than this paralyzed state of anticipation and desperation by which I am SATC consumed. I need the fashion. I can’t breath. Until I get it, need I say more … (HBO)

LC Shop-It Reco: Can't get enough of this!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Head To Hoof

I'm headed to Texas this week for a speaking engagement in Amarillo. I've only been to the lone star state once before. One of my besties was an SMU graduate and some of us paid her a visit during our early career years. Needless to say, I'm not very Southwest friendly due to my limited exposure to the area. Therefore I am somewhat at a loss as to what to wear. And this is for sure a frustrating first for me. I always know what to wear (pout). But a city girl fashionista at an advertising conference in cattle country; I'm stumped. I feel I need to embrace my surroundings though -- I mean when will I ever be back to Texas and have an opportunity to look the part? So my initial thinking is the obvious route of something cowboy inspired. I have boots, but they're such a duh. So maybe rancher, but I don't think chaps would be appropriate. The neighboring states turquoise jewelry direction feels eh, not me. But what about this head to hoof Louis Vuitton equestrian chic vibe? Complete with a plumed up-do like a fancy horsey. I’m kinda’ serious. Ok, fine. Any and all suggestions would be very welcome. (Vogue February 10)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Full Bloom

I’m back from the West Coast and Virginia is in full bloom. Rich, lush green grass, the heads of pink and purple flowers opening, birds singing from the trees and what’s that I also hear … the sounds of closets flying open as the great overhaul of all things Winter to all things Spring begins. Next Saturday is marked on my calendar for this very important undertaking. Gone will be boots, wool, and long sleeves making room for my warmer weather must haves. On the list -- wedge and bootie sandals, minis a many, some girly girl, barely there tones but also some bright and contrasting colorful prints, shorter shorts, a denim vest and maybe jumpsuit, something military, a statement necklace or two and feathers, sequins, ruffles, and fringe infused in all the right pieces. Recommends to come! (Paolo Roversi)

An aside about this photograph by Paolo Roversi. Paolo is a very famous Italian photographer known for his moody, beautiful black and white and cepea fashion snaps. I actually had the great fortune and honor of shooting with him in Paris several years ago. He did a few jobs for me for my Client at the time time, Vera Wang. There was something so magical and romantic to his work, his style, and his ability to capture feeling and emotion in every shot. Plus, trips to Paris weren’t too shabby either. Non?

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hi friends and fans. Apologies for no Thursday or Friday posts. I have been on the road for work since last weekend and am a bit overloaded. I come home this weekend though and will be back with you by Monday. Have a wonderful and happy weekend. I'm starting mine off at Lucky Strike in LA tonight. They have a dress code. Now that's my kind of bowling. X, LC. (Tim Weber)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Miuccia Way

One of my super soft spots is Prada cosmetic cases. I have several. Each in a different color. Each a different style. And each a size to its own. That’s the Miuccia way. She says you should have an assortment of her nylon bags in your purse or on your make-up counter at any given time. I find it most delightful to open my handbag to be greeted by my fun, feminine collection. A blue for lipsticks and glosses, a black for tissues and perfume samples, an orange for my eyeglasses and a purple for touch up make-up. (Prada 09)

LC Shop-It Reco: Visit The Find to shop for the colors, styles and sizes that suit your sense of Miuccia.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yipes Stripes

I love a good stripe. But before we cover what constitutes a correct stripe, let’s firmly establish the wrong kind. Such as the Tommy Hilfiger nautical, the Britches rugby, the Barnum and Bailey tent, the Heatherette jailbird and the Brooks Brother pin. All bad stripes. I made a mistake last Summer with a JCrew sailor looking number and vowed to always assess my horizontal purchases more closely going forward. The need to know is as follows – first, stay away from multiple colors, two is plenty. I have a thing for basic white with navy or grey. Though I purchased an orange on grey tank this past weekend so we’ll see how, if, that works out. Second, the stripe itself can be no more than a quarter inch. Yes, height is key. So pack a ruler because any bigger, and we’re in zebra territory and that too, is wrong. And third, no adornments such as pockets, buttons, or collars. The stripe itself is the embellishment. Oh and another acceptable variety, Fruit Stripes. The gum of course. Yipes stripes! (Vogue 06)

LC Shop-It Reco: Intermix has a plethora of options. Here’s one from A.L.C..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bow Wow, Wow

As a child I grew up with Scotties. Two. Ruffie and Heather. Ruffie had a green collar and Heather had a red one. He was older and she was younger. They were not siblings, they were just buds. My sister and I used to have to walk them around the neighborhood as part of our chores. We’d usually do it after dinner and our cat Misty would join. I loved those dogs, but hated those walks. Had I known dog walking could be so glamorous, maybe I would have felt differently. But alas, I don’t think my sister or I ever looked this chic doing so. Could you imagine if we had? Bow wow, wow! (Steven Meisel)

LC Shop-It Reco: My Dad has been on the board for the Richmond SPCA for years. This organization has a huge place in all our hearts for its wonderful mission of finding little doggies and kitties new and happy homes. If you have a home, and like to take walks, visit the SPCA for your new walking companion.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fashion Bunny

One of my all time favorite books as a child was a beautiful Easter one brought out only at this time of year. The Country Bunny. This year I am passing along the tradition to my niece and nephew with their very own copies. I hope they’ll come to love the sweet story of Little Cottontail as much as I did and still do. Her tale is one of a dream of being one of the five great Easter Bunnies. But when she grows up and has twenty one little bunnies of her own, the dream seems unlikely to come true. Even though Grandfather Bunny searches for a replacement Easter Bunny, he decides that Cottontail is just right for the job, and gives her the most difficult journey of all – one that requires her to be wise, kind, swift, and very, very brave. You’ll have to read the book if you don’t know how the journey ends. But I’ll give you one hint, Little Cottontail is not only the Country Bunny, she is the Fashion Bunny too.

LC Shop-It Reco: Don't be left behind by the FB, have a happy Easter in these Jimmy Choo gold glitter sandals.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Suitable For Sunday

With Easter just a hippiti-hop around the bin, you’ve probably started thinking about your festive frock. Well don’t overcomplicate matters; I think anything with color will be suitable for Sunday. Just like a pretty Easter egg. I’m feeling inspired by this old school Lanvin tiered, washed silk dress. Loving the richness and unique expression of the indigo hue. It’s making me want to dye eggs. Note to self -- buy a PAAS kit. (Vogue)

LC Shop-It Reco: Tracy Reese has some beautiful dresses in her Spring collection right now -- these two happen to fall in the blue family. The Indigo Patched Frock and the Blue Shadow Dots Draped Frock. Either will go perfectly with your Easter basket.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pas De Deux

I was at the Ballet last night. It was amazing as always but reminded me I am a long way from the Joyce Theater. (I’ve been taking ballet classes again). So not only was the performance a real kicker in the reality department, it also prompted a reflection upon the ballet flat. I have to say this foot fetish has never really received a standing ovation from me; primarily because Tory Burch more than put the nail in its coffin four years ago. I think the onslaught of TB-clad toes scarred me so badly that I have never fully recovered to a place of acceptance. That said, I do appreciate the concept of the ballet flat. They definitely have their leading role in certain looks -- skinny jeans, a short, flirty dress or a Spring mini. But it’s important you add a little pas de deux to your selection – some color, a print, even a little embellishment. Just no more TB’s, please. (Richard Avedon)

LC Shop-It Reco: Here are some of my bravo worthy picks – JCrew, Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mini Melt Down

I mentioned in my post yesterday a “full skirt”. Not to have been misinterpreted for that recommended look as a full-length skirt. That would have been ridic’. Rather, what was meant was Spring’s mini trend where skirts lacking in length, are complete with volume. I’ve been holding off on this purchase in anticipation of warmer weather and tanner legs. But last night I had a mini melt down over this pink bubble and broke back. I don’t think there was a site I didn’t search for every full, flared and flouncy skirt that hits above the knee and high at the waste. That’s the look my ladies, short and simple. And it’s getting near leg baring time so start looking for your perfect mini -- that’s of course assuming I left any to be had. (Italian Vogue 06)

LC Shop-It Reco: One of my shop attack purchases from last night is this A-line flared Adam Lippes mini. If full isn’t right for your body shape, you can always try straight, tulip, lantern, or any just-right fit for you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Rush The Fuss

Red makes me happy. It has a bite. It’s electric. And this photo’s colorful and eccentric incorporation of red is just the inspiration I need to start a new week. The other key however is finding that transitional Monday piece. My two cents -- don’t rush the fuss if you can get away with it. When I’m not feeling fussy, my go to is any soft, easy cotton tee. Aka, comfort food of fashion. You can still feel weekend-comfortable while going either cas’ with some skinny jeans, a scarf for dimension, or dressed up with a full skirt for personality. Either way, in your favorite tee (red stripes for me), you’re sure to ease into Monday in comfortable and colorful style. (British Vogue 07)

LC Shop-It Reco: Try a yummy Spendid henley available in multiple, fun colors.