Monday, April 12, 2010

Full Bloom

I’m back from the West Coast and Virginia is in full bloom. Rich, lush green grass, the heads of pink and purple flowers opening, birds singing from the trees and what’s that I also hear … the sounds of closets flying open as the great overhaul of all things Winter to all things Spring begins. Next Saturday is marked on my calendar for this very important undertaking. Gone will be boots, wool, and long sleeves making room for my warmer weather must haves. On the list -- wedge and bootie sandals, minis a many, some girly girl, barely there tones but also some bright and contrasting colorful prints, shorter shorts, a denim vest and maybe jumpsuit, something military, a statement necklace or two and feathers, sequins, ruffles, and fringe infused in all the right pieces. Recommends to come! (Paolo Roversi)

An aside about this photograph by Paolo Roversi. Paolo is a very famous Italian photographer known for his moody, beautiful black and white and cepea fashion snaps. I actually had the great fortune and honor of shooting with him in Paris several years ago. He did a few jobs for me for my Client at the time time, Vera Wang. There was something so magical and romantic to his work, his style, and his ability to capture feeling and emotion in every shot. Plus, trips to Paris weren’t too shabby either. Non?

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