Monday, April 19, 2010

Angels on High

Hi lovelies. Sorry again for an unusual week of posts. I had to travel to Texas as you know. But I'm back; and with some serious Monday dish. Lady Gaga. Love her music, appreciate her self-expression, but, will never forgive her recent act of fashion sacrilege. Check it! Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the Alleluia chorus from angels on high that is -- an Hermes Birkin. A bag that averages $20,000, requires a waiting list to purchase, and is coveted by nearly all of mankind is never to be anything but worshipped. And what does Miss Gaga do to hers, she graffitis it. She takes a black marker and draws scribble on it like a child to a coloring book. Well like a child, she needs to be sent to her room. And I’m holding onto the key. Gaga, you’re done to me until further notice. (Hermes Runway)

LC Shop-It Reco: Because Birkins are beyond, they don’t even exist on Hermes’ site. As you know, it takes a call, visit, name dropping and still, a whole lot of patience to get one. Unless you want to go second hand on EBay. Mini sacrilege in my POV.

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the red bungalow said...

haha - AGREED! Love look #2 by the way. :)

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