Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pin

I’ve been dying for SJP’s J’Adore Dior tee. And thinking of Christian Dior reminds me of a story from back in the day. Before I took my first job at Calvin Klein, I interviewed at many American and French houses. Due to my fluency at the time, un peu de français était logique. I was living a dream – Hermes, Christian LaCroix, Chanel to name a few. Imagine -- freshly plucked from college, green as could be, and walking off the elevator into Chanel’s reception area on 57th street overlooking Central Park. I remember being so taken a back I actually had to catch my breath – I had arrived! And then, there was my interview at Dior. I think it must have been one of my first. Let me preface that I hate suits; they’re so uptight, awkward, and she-man esk. I don’t own any business clothing now and I didn’t at the time, with the exception of a few token "interview suits". And I was struggling with the whole thing. Knowing how much I hated how fashionably confining they were, my Mom encouraged me to add my own touch of style – a scarf or a pin. Quelle horreur, a pin?! Another item I hate. My mom has a huge collection and I’ll give her major props for pulling off a pin or two. But me, no way. So I’m getting dressed the morning of my interview, and as I was ironing my suit, I became distracted. Well sure enough I burnt a hole in the lapel of the bleepitibleep thing. Panic and desperation ensued. I was staying with a family friend at the time; an older, not my size and not my style lady. Would I really have to raid her closet for a solution to my burn victim? I would. With great trepidation, I approached her with my predicament. And with great excitement and pleasure, she offered me … a pin. I didn’t get the job at Dior. (Christian Dior Couture Spring 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: If you have to work a suit, and this runway excellence is overkill, try pairing a blazer with some of your more casual pieces. You’ll keep it modern, less intense, and your own.

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Swestie said...

Did you know that technically a blazer is a navy blue jacket? Just sayin...