Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yipes Stripes

I love a good stripe. But before we cover what constitutes a correct stripe, let’s firmly establish the wrong kind. Such as the Tommy Hilfiger nautical, the Britches rugby, the Barnum and Bailey tent, the Heatherette jailbird and the Brooks Brother pin. All bad stripes. I made a mistake last Summer with a JCrew sailor looking number and vowed to always assess my horizontal purchases more closely going forward. The need to know is as follows – first, stay away from multiple colors, two is plenty. I have a thing for basic white with navy or grey. Though I purchased an orange on grey tank this past weekend so we’ll see how, if, that works out. Second, the stripe itself can be no more than a quarter inch. Yes, height is key. So pack a ruler because any bigger, and we’re in zebra territory and that too, is wrong. And third, no adornments such as pockets, buttons, or collars. The stripe itself is the embellishment. Oh and another acceptable variety, Fruit Stripes. The gum of course. Yipes stripes! (Vogue 06)

LC Shop-It Reco: Intermix has a plethora of options. Here’s one from A.L.C..

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zelle said...

ok...this just made my morning...zebra territory i love it!xxx zeke the zebra