Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Your Wedge

Back on the road today. Quick trip to NYC. And this pic reminds me I really need some new luggage. Do you remember these suitcases? Fabulous. I had a green one; I think it's still in my parent's attic. Probably has a Piedmont baggage claim on it too. But I don't think I'll be bringing it out anytime soon. Anything without wheels, well let's face it, no matter how vintage-chic it is, ain't practical. I'll log this in the gerbil bank and we'll discuss later. After getting a fresh Mademoiselle pedi last night, I'm wanting to showcase my toes so I did a little wedge exploration online before bed. There are soooo many, but I was looking for ones that have a wood/cork feel on the platform or wedge itself. Uber in right now. But that also shows some pedi, and is fun for Spring to Summer. These by Chloe have that sweet meets cute while still classic and sophisticated vibe. And then these by DVF possess some serious hard core meets I mean business kind of energy. Really there's a style for for everyone -- so what's your wedge?

LC Shop-It Reco: No matter what type of wedge you get, I'm feeling the short skirt or dress look as the appropriate compliment. I think wedges make your feet more pronounced (big) and a nice sneak peek of a long slender leg balances it out. Also, a big shoe makes your leg look skinnier, so show em' off.

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