Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sir Union Jack

I’m headed to DC with my Dad today. We try to take a monthly history trip because we were both majors and share a huge passion for the subject. Nerds. No seriously, we’re cool. Promise. Anyway, our outings have become a bit of a father daughter tradition and produce special memories. With this trip being to our nation’s capital, I have patriotism on the brain. In particular the American flag. I think ours, France’s and Britain’s are some of the best looking ones. Ironically they all share the same colors, but not necessarily the same success translated into fashion. On a pole, all are amazing. On the body, the Brits have us beat. Is saying that treason? Eeks. Well if it is, maybe England will have me. I wouldn't mind a little Sir Union Jack. And chips, but not fish. And an accent for sure. Well for now I'm just off to DC. Cheerio. (British Vogue 08)

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