Monday, September 21, 2009

Work It Out

September 4th was one of my bestie's birthdays. I promised her a feature in honor of her special day and her special gift. Well, I fell ill. The flowers and cards were so appreciated, you're all too too kind. Truly, it made me feel like I've really arrived. I wonder if Rachel Zoe will get so sick tonight that she has people sending her gifts. Hmmm. But right, this isn't about me, or her, or my make-believe world. This is about my girl and about her new fabulous Mesi clutch.This hand piece was wrapped and ready to be gifted long before Fall fashion was talking about the clutch trend. A fashion-foreshadow if you will. Thanks to an i-spy kinda of eye, the help of fellow bestie co-shoppers and Felix Rey.This designer brings together the 80's, metallics, and embellished art in one little hold-everything. I love the punk meshed metal, the vintage peculiarity of the gold shell and the surprising funk of the leopard grosgrain lining. I also love how you can wear the Mesi with a range of looks. Casual with Friday night jeans, sophisticated with a Holiday tuxedo look and all dressed up with something like this ISSA kimono mini. So there you go birthday girl. Better late than never. Work it out girl. Work it out!

LC Shop-It Reco: Felix Rey * Mesi Clutch with Shell * On Sale $130

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stella My Bella

It was 58 degrees this morning. I'm confused. And convinced I'm being tested. Between September Vogue, the new season of the RZ Project, countless emails from my fab-five fashion sites about Fall must haves, and this pre-season Arctic blast, you'd think the Gods are messing with my code. The code that is I do not walk, talk or buy Fall fashion until the weekend of Labor has officially passed. I've never been able to think about wool while pools and summer sun still beckon. Too itchy. Plus it feels like I'm cheating on summer to wear boots on August 31st. Yes I saw you, tisk tisk. But the main reason I resist is that the longer I wait, the better it is. Like giving up chocolate for Lent. With each day the craving grows and grows, until alas Easter, and oh sweet heaven of yumminess! I digress. So right now I'm pretty much relying on super woman strength to not break bad on leather leggings, velvet jackets, and the 80's revisited. Therefore until next week, seasonless moments like lingerie feel like a safe place for me. And Stella McCartney's new collection is just that - safe, but in a good way and a beau-T-ful way. Not too naughty, not too nice, these pieces have a European romance to them, a soft elegance and yet still command your inner sexy. My favorites are the Amber Chatting* bra and bikini, the Lola Spinning bra and shorts and the Clara Whispering chemise. The latter for some bedroom "je ne sais quoi", the Lola for a steamy night out, and the Amber for a Saturday morning cuddled up in your most favorite throw sipping hot chocolate. How lucky to be a woman and to enjoy such moments of femininity and stripped down beauty. Well done, Stella my Bella. Big kiss.

LC Shop-It Reco: Stella McCartney * Lingerie Collection * $50-$350

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(hold please)

Ok seriously, I am in mad crazy need of a night club. I'm not talking with a pole, easy dirty. I'm talking a pop it, lock it, drop it kind of club. Bungalow 8 or Area esk. I have the song and the outfit, but no dance, no dice. And that's just a crying shame. So indulge me in the meantime. The song, Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning". Yes it's been around all summer, but my perfect compliment has not. The compliment, I have to admit, I've fallen for tie dye jeans. I have. And I figure better now than later because I give this trend until year end and then it's going to take a huge spiral downfashion. The throw back is uber over the top and thus I fear their stand out will quickly equal wear out. But that's not a bad thing, it just means our time with them is limited. So before the flame goes out, get your dance pants! I just purchased these by J Brand. "Somebody call 911". Add a black silk cami tucked in and blousey. "I gotta cool her down. She won't bring the roof to the ground on the dance floor, whoa". And my black Prada platform pumps. "She's fire burning fire burning on the dance floor, that little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor, fire burning fire burning". Yeap. Burning.

LC Shop-It Reco:
Saks Fifth Avenue * J Brand Twill Tie Dye Jeans * All sizes *$198

Friday, August 21, 2009

Maxed Out

Another delicious afternoon in the Apple. A quiet one too. The Hamptonites have packed their weekend bags and flocked North, South, East and West. And I can tell you something that better not be in their bags, something somewhat of a serious subject to me and a long overdue topic. I wouldn't be doing Summer 2010 justice if I didn't officially put the nail in this closet. The closet in which hangs the Maxi dress. That's right ladies, it's time. It's been time. In fact, it never was time. I bought one last May. I returned it last May. I had thought it was perfect for those "I had too much mac and cheese last night" days. Roomy. Max-i. But my rationale and reason behind the purchase was exactly what is so horrible about this maxed out trend. Why on earth would I want to wear something that was so utterly unflattering. Let's not kid ourselves, just because most Maxis have a fitted, high wasted bodice does not forgive the table skirt that hangs beneath. Come on. It's a tent with straps. A bag with a halter. Need I say more? I shall. Put the mac down, take a blow torch to the Max, and if you want that same comfy cotton feel, then try this Juicy from their pre-Fall collection. It just came in last night and I tried it on today. Love! Worked brilliantly with my gladiators and will transition fiercely in another month with booties. Alright then, my work is done. I need another bite of this Apple before my morning flight.

LC Shop-It Reco: Juicy Couture Stores or Zappos * Self Scarf Dress * XS,S,M,L * $128

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penguin Arm Candy

This week I'm back in New York. Which for the first time this summer is reaching more familiar temperature highs. Hot child in the city is for sure SJP. Hot. Yesterday I managed a quick visit to my Soho haunts. Charming as ever. Though on Elizabeth Street I unexpectedly encountered some papzi mayhem over Lilo out shopping. Worthy of mention only because wow, she is a seriously sad calamity of style gone wrong. Very wrong. But where style never fails is on 5th Avenue; where I took a sprightly stroll this afternoon. Outside Bergdorf's always-brilliant window displays, I was reminded of the art and allure of such expression. Theirs and Barney's have always managed to transcend me from the pavement to a fashion fairy tale. At BG today one window caught my eye in particular. It contained a gorg, gorg, gorgeous gown. I was immediately overcome with the desire to slip into something equally evening extravagant, grab my dashing penguin in waiting, and take in a night of old Hollywood formal fashion glam. And how absolutely glamorous is this Donna Karan. A little girl's dress up box dream come true. And yet, nothing like what lived in my Winnie the Pooh clad dress up box (Mom!). But that I'd most definitely kill to have in my big girl one. The jeweled cobalt, refined draping, feminine neckline, empire waste belt and goddess shape are all the makings of classic penguin arm candy.

LC Shop-It Reco: Bergdorf Goodman * Donna Karan Belted Gown * 2-10, $3495

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oceanfront Property

Ah, beach vacation. The life. The days seem endless. And though it may be nearing summer's end, marking the time when some begin planning their Fall must haves, I am still embracing all that the current season has to offer. While others are perusing August fashion mags for hot labels in boots and fur, the only label I am concerned with is that of Matthew Williamson. True to his studies in printed textiles and his early years with Marni and Pucci, this London designer's luxury swimwear is bold, vivid and ablaze with eye-catching attitude and aesthetic. Certainly nothing like the eye-catching atrocities of inappropriate aquatic apparel that have made their way past the dunes and down to the water's edge this week. Denim bathing suits. Do not get me started. Fanny packs. Are you kidding? Water shoes. Some cobbler is rolling over in his grave. But Williamson makes it all well again with his Bright Escape bikini that is the model of appropriate swim fashion. This two piece maillot de ban (word-crush!) exemplifies unique and exotic oceanfront property. Property not deserving of a fashion foreclosure in the name of platform booties. Not just yet at least. The electric colors, fun print and tie detailing make for a solid and sound investment. Some 45, four more endless days, and I'm sold!

LC Shop-It Reco: Vivre * Matthew Williamson Bright Escape Bandeau Bikini * 2-10 * $325

Thursday, August 6, 2009

(hold please)

A week has passed since my birthday. And it has dawned on me that a week and four years have passed since the birthday when I first asked for a Bvglari watch. The Diagono. The Diagono I lusted for and the Diagono I still do not own. At the time the gifters thought I was half crazy, fair. But I was also serious. And still am. I've realized however that in the case of the Birthday Bvglari, time really is money. So until someone pony's up the bucks deluxe, this timepiece is on a timeout. But fret and pout I won't. Until that little black and gold box appears, I'm going to be counting down on my new Ceres. It's all I lusted for in the Diagono -- big, chunky, modern, fun and stylely, with a tick and a tock. Though who am I kidding; I'm not sure I'll use it to tell time, I have the sun for that. I just like the fashion of it. And who more fashionable than the ladies of Pink to have just such a watch. Happy birthday to me! Cha cha cha.

LC Shop-It Reco: Pink * Ceres Ceramic Watch * Styles and colors available upon request or Ceres *Ceramic Watch w/ Dial (pictured) * White, Pink, Black * $275

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Three things are making me happy right now. The Sugarland TV special (bite your tongue). The glow from my Aspen holiday (apologies for the sabbatical). And of most importance, this mountain escape inspired find straight from my bestie and hostess with the mostess herself (xoxo fellow adoriste). Greeted last week in Aspen by some special faces, the JWLA t-shirt worn by my bestie gave me a particularly happy face. From that moment I had to have my own Darjeeling Rose scoop neck. I couldn't have imagined a better and more fitting ensemble for a summer trip West and only wished I had some pieces of my own for my stay. But now I will thanks to Johny Was. Though there definitely is no "was" to the fun and funky trend currency of these designers. A collection that has only been available for a few years and only in select stores, JWLA is officially all things now and worthy of some serious fashion play. The bright, free-spirited colors paired with beautiful embroidery and applied to youthful silhouettes such as jersey tees and voile dresses scream wear me, love me! And speaking of, one of my favorite details on the front and back of select JWLA pieces is the heart shaped embroidery around the word "Love". So bring this Rocky Mountain high to your nearest metro dwelling. My picks are the Anabelle blouse, the tiered dresses and staple tees.

LC Shop-It Reco: JWLA * Elizabeth's Embellishments * Multiple styles * All sizes * $100-300

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ready to Romp

I'm pleasantly excited and surprised by today's epiphany. All summer I've been undecided on the romper. To romp or not to romp I've said to myself. Over and over again. It's quite literally consumed me. That's a lot of self consumption. The definition alone is dubious -- "a one-piece garment for children to wear at play; the lower part is shaped like bloomers". Uh huh, riiight. Which leads me to the garment itself. The only one-piece anything that feels adult-age-appropriate is a bathing suit. And maybe certain lovelies for your boudoir business, but shhh, that's your business. The romper is a national affair, and one on which I now have a firm stance. Enter my aha! moment. The only way to do this trend is to have it appear to be separates but conveniently one-piece. Instead of looking like you stepped out in your lovelies or worse, your big girl onesie, select a romper that is two-tone. I've fallen in love with this one from Marc by Marc. See ... it looks like shorts and a top. Sneaky. And the buckled strap belt pluses up the disguise. An aside, MJ did a lot of this belt this season and I'm glad to see it's made its way to this piece as well. And now I'm making my way to the cash wrap with this new-found fashion fabulousness. Are you with me? I'm ready to romp.

LC Shop-It Reco: Shopbop * Marc by Marc Jacobs * Buckled Up Romper * S,M,L *$248

Monday, July 20, 2009

Order Up, One Chichi

There's a couple of times a year when I look into the deep abyss that is my closet, lock eyes with an item and gasp, "Mon Dieu!". Yes, it's true, even I experience fashion fowl purchase. And my victims are usually the result of impulse or over consumption. Neither of which ever produce long-term likeable items. Both of which are easily correctable with consignment. So while someone becomes the new owner of my Summer '08 Marc Jacobs pool tote (you know, the nylon one that came in black and hot pink with the big MJ initials?), I'll be investing in a Summer '09 correctional purchase. If you own said tote, or other such "Mon Dieu's" like LL Bean (double "MD" for monogram), Hervé Chapelier, Longchamps or Orla Kiely, let me introduce my new bag crush. The Chichi. From the mountains of Central America, Maggie Dunn brings us these beautiful, artful, and functional style statements. I'm in love with the color choices, the soft leather, the handles (lotta' love!), and perfectly oversized proportions. Which is an easy bag screw up, but the Chichi is true to the right oversize. I'm totally feeling Kate Moss goes Ibiza, Jessica Alba pilates, Kate Hudson play date with Ryder and Nicole Richie Santa Monica shopping. These bags are all about what's next and are on the fast track from the hands of their authentic craftsmen to the hands of those who put the hot, in hot. Get in on it first. And order up, one Chichi!

LC Shop-It Reco: Chichi Bags * Canvas $150 * Leather: $170 * Multiple Colors

Friday, July 17, 2009

Aqua Rx

You know what's like a good old dose of Prozac? Aqua. It's true. That color can pack a mean Rx punch. Today I wore some. And today there was no downer too down for my aqua upper. The Dodge mini-van driver who added 1.5 minutes to my already late arrival by doing the back-up, back-in park job, the cold, dry grilled cheese for lunch equaling no lunch, the cookie that came with the GC that has now made weekend bikini wearing daunting, the rain coming down that might negate the need for bikini wearing this weekend -- all, not a problem. And I'm convinced it was due to my color choice for the day. Aqua is a happy color. A calming color. An uplifting color. Its Caribbean water roots can bring warmth and brightness to your skin, spirits and style. It's a mood and wardrobe enhancer essential to your fashion arsenal. And all you really need is two to three pieces to create eye-catching looks. I recommend the following: a piece of jewelry, a handbag or scarf, and a catching top like this one by Alexander Wang. Its silk loose fitting cut and pocket detail is timeless and can be worn chic or casual. Try it chic tucked in to a black high-wasted full and fun mini skirt, skinny belt, long chain necklace, and flirty sandals. In fact, that was my aqua Rx today. I think it worked. Go aqua!

LC Shop-It Reco: Shopbop * Alexander Wang Silk Pocket Tank * XS,S,M,L * $235

Monday, July 13, 2009

(hold please)

Monday's are pretty rude. Herve Leger wearing is rude too. I mean Heidi, Kim, Denise, what is your point? I'm personally not a fan of seeing all of your bits and parts wrapped in assorted colors of duct tape all across the pages of UsWeekly. Thank you, but no thank you. So while I am quite confident Mr. Leger's intent was sexy, I for one have seen enough. And I'm willing to bet my favorite Manolos that the male consensus on the sexiness of overt B&P is a unamimous not-so-much too. Now if the Mars/Venus folks want to challenge me on this, fair game. But dare I go further, I bet men would also say that what leaves more to the imagination versus less is in fact the sexiest of all sexy. So if you want to create some intrigue, yet the Leger design technique is of intrigue, I recommend something more suitably sexy like this Miu Miu. The jersey fabric adds form, the belt, shape, the pleating, movement, and legs, the rest. Add a cropped leather jacket, bootlets, and eat your heart out Mars.

LC Shop-It Reco: Net-A-Porter * Miu Miu * Pleated Detail Jersey Dress * XS,S,M,L * $580

Friday, July 10, 2009

Properly Fitting Pink

Pink speaks volumes. And today I coincidentally saw and heard a lotta' pink talking to me. There was pretty pink, aka Vera Wang china, roses and tea parties, Park Avenue. There was party pink, aka Cyndi Lauper, limos and bubbly, girls night out. There was preppy pink, aka sweater around the neck with a pony on it, Sea Island vacation, goes with green. There was Pepto pink, aka I have no business on your body, my stomach hurts, CVS aisle 5. And there is, and has been for a week now, the suspect pink on my pedicure that’s screaming “Paint me!!” One wrong polish choice and I'm living with Frenchie, the beauty school drop out, the Pink lady herself. Ugh. All this talking can become a bit overwhelming. And all from one color. So I say forget all the others, make it simple, go with one pink. The properly fitting pink to you, aka Proper pink. My Proper pink is the flowers in my Abusson rug, the label on my Calbrea lotion, my first Prada dress. It’s romantic, it’s French couture, it’s ethereal, and it’s the pink I love. And I'm loving the idea of this simple Calypso skirt in blush, paired with a white tank, bare feet (new polish), and a hammock, all weekend. I'm off.

LC Shop-It Reco: Calypso * Gypsy Skirt * Blush, Coconu, Coral * XS,S,M,L * $250

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Nuggy nuggalicous. That's all I have to say about Crembebé. This children's boutique is a treasure to be treasured for sure. And also proof that no matter how much time you spend in New York, there's always something new just around the corner. Which is exactly what keeps me coming back for more. I'm staying in the East Village now-a-days, where today I found this little haven of heaven. Granted I wasn't actively seeking out cutting edge "0-12" attire when I lived in the city, now an Aunt of two, I have a new found appreciation for la crème de la crème in nugget fashion. (New to my world? Nugget translates baby). Whether you have your own or just ook and gook over the general lot, Crembebé is a must-shop hot spot for tots. You'll die for collections like the "Sassy", plus many more looks from hip European designers. Seriously? Seriously. You'll want to play dress up too. Dedicated to SMB and HCB -- you're nug-out! Love you so so much.

LC Shop-It Reco: Crembebé * Sassy Collection * Sizes 0 - 12

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

White Out

Requests have come in to address another over done trend from the local inhabitants. This particular trend casualty however is universal. So listen up world. Too many times now and for too many summers now I have witnessed the onslaught of white jeans and color-a-plenty silk halters. Let me paint the visual: bold, shiny, jewel tones, bow around the neck, thingy. (Shivers). My dish on white is that it's pure, clean, and simple, and should be worn as such. Think about white as a fresh palette and let's paint a different and less predictable picture. Instead of that pop art up top, pair your white jeans with more white. A white out if you will. To still add visual interest, experiment with different hues and shades, textures, layering, and my personal pick for this look, accessories. Check out this necklace by Fiona Paxton with beaded fabric and silver accents. An appropriate hue for our white on white palette. So come on, throw your thingy away. And replace it with a whole lotta' bleach.

LC Shop-It Reco: Intermix * Fiona Paxton Lane Bib Bead Necklace * FP0013-LANE * $398

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mama-se Mama-sa

Sigh. All this MJ is making me vaclempt. So I guess it's only appropriate that I should honor our beloved pop legend today. But while other fashion blogs might be talking about Michael's iconic style, I'm channeling a different homage. Don't get me wrong, I will forever miss the white socks and penny loafers, the red "Beat It" jacket, the fedora, the aviator glasses and the never to be out done, rhinestone glove. Even Madonna's lace gloves don't compare. Sorry "Madge", but they were kind-of trashy. So my homage. Dance. I want to get dressed up, put on all of Michael's best hits and dance! What better frock to shake your girl-thing in than this Strata dress from ModCloth. It's fun, flirty, sexy and yeah, out of this stratosphere. Add a knock-out red beaded necklace and matching pumps, or even some gold lace ups, and ... Mama se Mama sa, yes please. RIP MJ.

LC Shop-It Reco: ModCloth * Strata Dress * S, M, L * $199

Monday, July 6, 2009

(hold please)

Meet (hold please) -- my Einstein invention for expressing random thoughts on other things that give me pause. Don't be surprised to see a few from time to time. Today's pause came about when my bestie asked if I'd seen Cobra Starship's new video for "Good Girls Go Bad." She loves Leighton Meester and really wanted to know where to find her dress. As we all know, Leighton stands for mad-crazy style on GG, but a songstress? Dubious. Song bird or not, she indeed looks fierce in this video. Styled by Logan Horne, Leighton is wearing a good girl-go bad-beaded lace mini dress from Bally's Spring/Summer collection. Sadly bestie, and for the rest of you feeling the Leighton-love, I regret to report that this moment is sold out. Alas, we still have our air mics.

LC Shop-It Reco: Itunes * Cobra Starship * "Good Girls Go Bad"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bye Bye Brown, Hello Green

Today was rainy. A welcome excuse to do nothing. So I enjoyed some lounging, a little gab on the tele, mindless TV escapism, and ... the occasional brownie. And ... therein lied the end to my nothing. Maybe for the rest of you it was seconds and thirds from yesterday's picnic table. I'm just saying. Either way, when it's high time to kick that brownie's butt, I've spied just the line of modern active wear in which to do it. LIVGRN is a relatively new collection of organic tees, tanks, shorts, hoodies and sweats that allow you to look uber-stylish while working it (ps, "working out" has officially been replaced) and also to make a difference in eco-awareness. All of LIVGRN's garments and labels use 100% fine organic cotton yarns and their hangtags are made of 100% recycled paper. Plus, 10% of every sale goes to Global Green, one of the world’s largest and most recognized green charities. This is the real deal carbon fashion footprint ladies. Granted giving back is probably the last thing on your mind when mounting that spin bike, I say, "Bye bye brown(ie), hello Green".

LC Shop-It Reco: Bettina Duncan * LIVGRN Sweat Shorts * Grey and Purple * XS, S, M, L * $44

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hats On to America

Options, options, options. And I don't mean the many different ones you have for celebrating Independence Day. How about the ones you have for celebrating your style independence?! Just think, if it wasn't for the American Revolution, would we even be blogging about this? Would I even be able to express my point of view on what your Holiday attire should be? Mon dieu! So thank you George Washington, thank you Thomas Jefferson, thank you Paul Revere, thank you to all our men and women of uniform for all you did and do for the Red, White and Blue. Speaking of uniforms, my vote (because I can) is this raffia cowboy hat from Melissa Odabash. I like that it's a less expected nod to our American heritage and American spirit. So hats on to America! This one will work perfectly with any outfit and for all of your patriotic activities. Some quick thoughts on compliments: distressed white jeans and a hobo blouse, cut jean shorts and a boyfriend button down, a simple maxie dress, or hey, your new Raj tunic. Happy style celebrating, and Happy 4th of July.

LC Shop-It Reco: Net-a-Porter * Melissa Odabash * Raffia cowboy hat with braided leather band and wood beads * 4 inch brim and 4.5 inch crown * $120

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not Helen of Tory

Today I enjoyed an afternoon of sun at the pool, apparently otherwise known as the "Tory Sea". I realize that I may risk offending some of my potential followers with this post. But I'll take that risk at the off chance I might actually open some of your minds and inspire your inner goddess. So here I was watching woman after woman prance by in their Tory Burch pool tunic. Now I love a good tunic like the next woman, but let's show a little individuality, shall we? If for any reason, to honor the Ancient Greeks who put the tunic on the fashion map. I'm loving the Raj tunics right now. Their beautiful Indian craftsmanship and bold colors and prints really make a statement. And if you want to add a little shape and dress one up, throw a low slung belt around it and you'll really rule your country, club. Just like Helen of Troy. Not Helen of Tory.

LC Shop-It Reco: Gomattagirls * Raj Tunic * S - XL * On sale for $19.80, 75% off $78.00 * Red or Yellow

Who Needs a Boyfriend

This summer I've found myself living for, and quite literally living in, my boyfriend vneck tees. For short, the BFT. (I like acronyms, btw). After much shopping around for this must have staple, I've found my favorite version at JCrew. It's the right price, the right feel, and the right fit. I have 6 of them and wear them with everything. Loose, belted, layered or tied in a knot. My favorite look is my BFT paired with a sexy pencil skirt. Instead of taking my pencil too seriously, I belt my vneck which adds some personality or tuck it in for definition. All of which puts a new twist on what otherwise might be an expected work ensemble. And hey, in that look, you might just snag a boyfriend. Though truthfully, who really needs a boyfriend when you can have a BFT.

LC Shop-It Reco: JCrew * Tissue boyfriend V-neck * was $29.50, now $9.99 * item 11657

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Thing About Vintage

Ok, I know you're thinking "Is this going to be some jewelry blog?". No, it's not. But it just so happens I've had two bouts with jewelry break ups this past week. And that's one "two" many break ups in a week. In addition to my Harlow, I had a bangle go bust on me. This time admittedly my own fault. So I'm going through airport security at a reckless (not record) speed, stripping off the essentials and off flies my favorite aquamarine bangle with gold leaf detail. Landing, cracked, in two, at my feet. I've been truly upset because this piece was vintage. And the thing about vintage is you can never find it again. You know, it's that whole one of a kind thing. But instead of letting my cracked out bangle get me down, I've decided to find a suitable replacement. Though this is no one of a kind, I'll try it. Thank you Kep Design NYC. Note to self, be on time to airport.

LC Shop-It Reco: Kep Designs NYC * 1 1/2 inch dome bangle * Aquamarine * $55

Cuff Crisis

My friend gave me this House of Harlow 1960 cuff for Christmas. Though it's from Nicole Richie's collection (who we all know I adore), I questioned the quality. After a few wears, I decided it was fabulous and the things I wore it with made it look three times the price. So we were having a love affair ... until this past week. I was in LA rocking it out with a precious mini bubble skirt and boyfriend v-neck, when it slipped off my wrist. And just like that, there I was ... cuff crisis! So I guess I may have been right about the quality, though it was cuff meets concrete. Did my Harlow really stand a chance? Either way, I'm giving it another chance and now am in line with all the others who have discovered this little gem. That's right, backordered on Kitson. So hurry up and get in line! This cuff is worth the wait.

LC Shop-It Reco: Kitson * House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie * Black Leather Cuff * Sku :HOHBC * Gold with black leather backing * 2 1/16" wide * $125