Wednesday, July 8, 2009

White Out

Requests have come in to address another over done trend from the local inhabitants. This particular trend casualty however is universal. So listen up world. Too many times now and for too many summers now I have witnessed the onslaught of white jeans and color-a-plenty silk halters. Let me paint the visual: bold, shiny, jewel tones, bow around the neck, thingy. (Shivers). My dish on white is that it's pure, clean, and simple, and should be worn as such. Think about white as a fresh palette and let's paint a different and less predictable picture. Instead of that pop art up top, pair your white jeans with more white. A white out if you will. To still add visual interest, experiment with different hues and shades, textures, layering, and my personal pick for this look, accessories. Check out this necklace by Fiona Paxton with beaded fabric and silver accents. An appropriate hue for our white on white palette. So come on, throw your thingy away. And replace it with a whole lotta' bleach.

LC Shop-It Reco: Intermix * Fiona Paxton Lane Bib Bead Necklace * FP0013-LANE * $398

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