Friday, July 10, 2009

Properly Fitting Pink

Pink speaks volumes. And today I coincidentally saw and heard a lotta' pink talking to me. There was pretty pink, aka Vera Wang china, roses and tea parties, Park Avenue. There was party pink, aka Cyndi Lauper, limos and bubbly, girls night out. There was preppy pink, aka sweater around the neck with a pony on it, Sea Island vacation, goes with green. There was Pepto pink, aka I have no business on your body, my stomach hurts, CVS aisle 5. And there is, and has been for a week now, the suspect pink on my pedicure that’s screaming “Paint me!!” One wrong polish choice and I'm living with Frenchie, the beauty school drop out, the Pink lady herself. Ugh. All this talking can become a bit overwhelming. And all from one color. So I say forget all the others, make it simple, go with one pink. The properly fitting pink to you, aka Proper pink. My Proper pink is the flowers in my Abusson rug, the label on my Calbrea lotion, my first Prada dress. It’s romantic, it’s French couture, it’s ethereal, and it’s the pink I love. And I'm loving the idea of this simple Calypso skirt in blush, paired with a white tank, bare feet (new polish), and a hammock, all weekend. I'm off.

LC Shop-It Reco: Calypso * Gypsy Skirt * Blush, Coconu, Coral * XS,S,M,L * $250

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