Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(hold please)

Ok seriously, I am in mad crazy need of a night club. I'm not talking with a pole, easy dirty. I'm talking a pop it, lock it, drop it kind of club. Bungalow 8 or Area esk. I have the song and the outfit, but no dance, no dice. And that's just a crying shame. So indulge me in the meantime. The song, Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning". Yes it's been around all summer, but my perfect compliment has not. The compliment, I have to admit, I've fallen for tie dye jeans. I have. And I figure better now than later because I give this trend until year end and then it's going to take a huge spiral downfashion. The throw back is uber over the top and thus I fear their stand out will quickly equal wear out. But that's not a bad thing, it just means our time with them is limited. So before the flame goes out, get your dance pants! I just purchased these by J Brand. "Somebody call 911". Add a black silk cami tucked in and blousey. "I gotta cool her down. She won't bring the roof to the ground on the dance floor, whoa". And my black Prada platform pumps. "She's fire burning fire burning on the dance floor, that little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor, fire burning fire burning". Yeap. Burning.

LC Shop-It Reco:
Saks Fifth Avenue * J Brand Twill Tie Dye Jeans * All sizes *$198

Friday, August 21, 2009

Maxed Out

Another delicious afternoon in the Apple. A quiet one too. The Hamptonites have packed their weekend bags and flocked North, South, East and West. And I can tell you something that better not be in their bags, something somewhat of a serious subject to me and a long overdue topic. I wouldn't be doing Summer 2010 justice if I didn't officially put the nail in this closet. The closet in which hangs the Maxi dress. That's right ladies, it's time. It's been time. In fact, it never was time. I bought one last May. I returned it last May. I had thought it was perfect for those "I had too much mac and cheese last night" days. Roomy. Max-i. But my rationale and reason behind the purchase was exactly what is so horrible about this maxed out trend. Why on earth would I want to wear something that was so utterly unflattering. Let's not kid ourselves, just because most Maxis have a fitted, high wasted bodice does not forgive the table skirt that hangs beneath. Come on. It's a tent with straps. A bag with a halter. Need I say more? I shall. Put the mac down, take a blow torch to the Max, and if you want that same comfy cotton feel, then try this Juicy from their pre-Fall collection. It just came in last night and I tried it on today. Love! Worked brilliantly with my gladiators and will transition fiercely in another month with booties. Alright then, my work is done. I need another bite of this Apple before my morning flight.

LC Shop-It Reco: Juicy Couture Stores or Zappos * Self Scarf Dress * XS,S,M,L * $128

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penguin Arm Candy

This week I'm back in New York. Which for the first time this summer is reaching more familiar temperature highs. Hot child in the city is for sure SJP. Hot. Yesterday I managed a quick visit to my Soho haunts. Charming as ever. Though on Elizabeth Street I unexpectedly encountered some papzi mayhem over Lilo out shopping. Worthy of mention only because wow, she is a seriously sad calamity of style gone wrong. Very wrong. But where style never fails is on 5th Avenue; where I took a sprightly stroll this afternoon. Outside Bergdorf's always-brilliant window displays, I was reminded of the art and allure of such expression. Theirs and Barney's have always managed to transcend me from the pavement to a fashion fairy tale. At BG today one window caught my eye in particular. It contained a gorg, gorg, gorgeous gown. I was immediately overcome with the desire to slip into something equally evening extravagant, grab my dashing penguin in waiting, and take in a night of old Hollywood formal fashion glam. And how absolutely glamorous is this Donna Karan. A little girl's dress up box dream come true. And yet, nothing like what lived in my Winnie the Pooh clad dress up box (Mom!). But that I'd most definitely kill to have in my big girl one. The jeweled cobalt, refined draping, feminine neckline, empire waste belt and goddess shape are all the makings of classic penguin arm candy.

LC Shop-It Reco: Bergdorf Goodman * Donna Karan Belted Gown * 2-10, $3495

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oceanfront Property

Ah, beach vacation. The life. The days seem endless. And though it may be nearing summer's end, marking the time when some begin planning their Fall must haves, I am still embracing all that the current season has to offer. While others are perusing August fashion mags for hot labels in boots and fur, the only label I am concerned with is that of Matthew Williamson. True to his studies in printed textiles and his early years with Marni and Pucci, this London designer's luxury swimwear is bold, vivid and ablaze with eye-catching attitude and aesthetic. Certainly nothing like the eye-catching atrocities of inappropriate aquatic apparel that have made their way past the dunes and down to the water's edge this week. Denim bathing suits. Do not get me started. Fanny packs. Are you kidding? Water shoes. Some cobbler is rolling over in his grave. But Williamson makes it all well again with his Bright Escape bikini that is the model of appropriate swim fashion. This two piece maillot de ban (word-crush!) exemplifies unique and exotic oceanfront property. Property not deserving of a fashion foreclosure in the name of platform booties. Not just yet at least. The electric colors, fun print and tie detailing make for a solid and sound investment. Some 45, four more endless days, and I'm sold!

LC Shop-It Reco: Vivre * Matthew Williamson Bright Escape Bandeau Bikini * 2-10 * $325

Thursday, August 6, 2009

(hold please)

A week has passed since my birthday. And it has dawned on me that a week and four years have passed since the birthday when I first asked for a Bvglari watch. The Diagono. The Diagono I lusted for and the Diagono I still do not own. At the time the gifters thought I was half crazy, fair. But I was also serious. And still am. I've realized however that in the case of the Birthday Bvglari, time really is money. So until someone pony's up the bucks deluxe, this timepiece is on a timeout. But fret and pout I won't. Until that little black and gold box appears, I'm going to be counting down on my new Ceres. It's all I lusted for in the Diagono -- big, chunky, modern, fun and stylely, with a tick and a tock. Though who am I kidding; I'm not sure I'll use it to tell time, I have the sun for that. I just like the fashion of it. And who more fashionable than the ladies of Pink to have just such a watch. Happy birthday to me! Cha cha cha.

LC Shop-It Reco: Pink * Ceres Ceramic Watch * Styles and colors available upon request or Ceres *Ceramic Watch w/ Dial (pictured) * White, Pink, Black * $275

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Three things are making me happy right now. The Sugarland TV special (bite your tongue). The glow from my Aspen holiday (apologies for the sabbatical). And of most importance, this mountain escape inspired find straight from my bestie and hostess with the mostess herself (xoxo fellow adoriste). Greeted last week in Aspen by some special faces, the JWLA t-shirt worn by my bestie gave me a particularly happy face. From that moment I had to have my own Darjeeling Rose scoop neck. I couldn't have imagined a better and more fitting ensemble for a summer trip West and only wished I had some pieces of my own for my stay. But now I will thanks to Johny Was. Though there definitely is no "was" to the fun and funky trend currency of these designers. A collection that has only been available for a few years and only in select stores, JWLA is officially all things now and worthy of some serious fashion play. The bright, free-spirited colors paired with beautiful embroidery and applied to youthful silhouettes such as jersey tees and voile dresses scream wear me, love me! And speaking of, one of my favorite details on the front and back of select JWLA pieces is the heart shaped embroidery around the word "Love". So bring this Rocky Mountain high to your nearest metro dwelling. My picks are the Anabelle blouse, the tiered dresses and staple tees.

LC Shop-It Reco: JWLA * Elizabeth's Embellishments * Multiple styles * All sizes * $100-300