Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(hold please)

Ok seriously, I am in mad crazy need of a night club. I'm not talking with a pole, easy dirty. I'm talking a pop it, lock it, drop it kind of club. Bungalow 8 or Area esk. I have the song and the outfit, but no dance, no dice. And that's just a crying shame. So indulge me in the meantime. The song, Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning". Yes it's been around all summer, but my perfect compliment has not. The compliment, I have to admit, I've fallen for tie dye jeans. I have. And I figure better now than later because I give this trend until year end and then it's going to take a huge spiral downfashion. The throw back is uber over the top and thus I fear their stand out will quickly equal wear out. But that's not a bad thing, it just means our time with them is limited. So before the flame goes out, get your dance pants! I just purchased these by J Brand. "Somebody call 911". Add a black silk cami tucked in and blousey. "I gotta cool her down. She won't bring the roof to the ground on the dance floor, whoa". And my black Prada platform pumps. "She's fire burning fire burning on the dance floor, that little shawty’s fire burning on the dance floor, fire burning fire burning". Yeap. Burning.

LC Shop-It Reco:
Saks Fifth Avenue * J Brand Twill Tie Dye Jeans * All sizes *$198

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