Thursday, August 6, 2009

(hold please)

A week has passed since my birthday. And it has dawned on me that a week and four years have passed since the birthday when I first asked for a Bvglari watch. The Diagono. The Diagono I lusted for and the Diagono I still do not own. At the time the gifters thought I was half crazy, fair. But I was also serious. And still am. I've realized however that in the case of the Birthday Bvglari, time really is money. So until someone pony's up the bucks deluxe, this timepiece is on a timeout. But fret and pout I won't. Until that little black and gold box appears, I'm going to be counting down on my new Ceres. It's all I lusted for in the Diagono -- big, chunky, modern, fun and stylely, with a tick and a tock. Though who am I kidding; I'm not sure I'll use it to tell time, I have the sun for that. I just like the fashion of it. And who more fashionable than the ladies of Pink to have just such a watch. Happy birthday to me! Cha cha cha.

LC Shop-It Reco: Pink * Ceres Ceramic Watch * Styles and colors available upon request or Ceres *Ceramic Watch w/ Dial (pictured) * White, Pink, Black * $275

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