Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oceanfront Property

Ah, beach vacation. The life. The days seem endless. And though it may be nearing summer's end, marking the time when some begin planning their Fall must haves, I am still embracing all that the current season has to offer. While others are perusing August fashion mags for hot labels in boots and fur, the only label I am concerned with is that of Matthew Williamson. True to his studies in printed textiles and his early years with Marni and Pucci, this London designer's luxury swimwear is bold, vivid and ablaze with eye-catching attitude and aesthetic. Certainly nothing like the eye-catching atrocities of inappropriate aquatic apparel that have made their way past the dunes and down to the water's edge this week. Denim bathing suits. Do not get me started. Fanny packs. Are you kidding? Water shoes. Some cobbler is rolling over in his grave. But Williamson makes it all well again with his Bright Escape bikini that is the model of appropriate swim fashion. This two piece maillot de ban (word-crush!) exemplifies unique and exotic oceanfront property. Property not deserving of a fashion foreclosure in the name of platform booties. Not just yet at least. The electric colors, fun print and tie detailing make for a solid and sound investment. Some 45, four more endless days, and I'm sold!

LC Shop-It Reco: Vivre * Matthew Williamson Bright Escape Bandeau Bikini * 2-10 * $325

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