Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucy In The Sky

This post is in honor of a little baby girl named Lucy. She was born last Wednesday in Charlotte, has cute little round eyes, brown hair, belongs to my bestest friend Zelle and is absolutely perfect. And yet, completely unexpected. I don't think anyone on this planet thought Zelle would have a girl. But she did and now it's time to celebrate with all things femme ... like diamonds! Or in this case swarovski crystals and precious gem stones will do just fine. So in celebration of sweet Lucy's arrival, embrace your inner girly girl and wear your bling bright, shiny and brilliant. Some of my favorites -- this bangle by Angelique De Paris, the bracelets by Lisa Freede and Alexis Bittar, and rings by Natasha Collis

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brain Freeze

What the helzzz, is up with this weather? The only thing good about this colder temp set back is an excuse to wear my Fiorentini and Baker boots one or two more times before Fall. And an excuse to pay tribute to them here. Got em' in the black Eternity Buckled shorties a year ago, and in the tobacco talls this past December. I recommend them. That is all. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Best In Class

Had a lovely weekend making some new discoveries that I wanted to share with you all. I've been consigning my clothes at Baggio of Richmond for several years. A gem of a shop, but one at which I have usually just dropped off my items and picked up a check later. This Saturday Norma's collection of handbags caught my eye. She really has some great vintage bags worth a visit yourself. And she is adorably sweet. Another place to visit if you want to road trip is in Charlotte, NC. I shopped at Capitol a few years ago but rediscovered them through a friend's new launch of the Scout Guide for Charlotte. Sara Beltran's jewelry is the tiniest glimpse into this boutique's disgustingly amazing selection of designer clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Definitely should be on your list of places to discover. And lastly, a simple find that came to my doorstep from JCrew, with which I was greatly satisfied - the vintage cotton tee. They come in so many fun colors and are as comfortable as a bed of cotton candy. Non, sticky, cotton candy of course. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Up Lady G

Today the mailman delivered my first pair of Brian Atwood's. I went with the lower price of entry, something simple and something available at Saks because I was using a gift card. It's not like I needed to introduce myself to another high end shoe designer, but I couldn't sit by and let Gaga and the Kardashians continue to have all the fun. I still have some catching up to do, but for now, these chic summer sandals are just the right purchase. My favorite part, the tiny heel edged with metallic leather.

Monday, April 16, 2012

No MD Needed

I think I was hit with warma from my last post. That's "weather karma" for those who don't know my language intimately. I gave in to doing my closet swap out from Winter to Spring yesterday. And along with that process came the air condition, which compiled with pollen and no rain, has brought on sickness. But you know what I say when warma gives you a raging sore throat, dress for the occasion. Despite the hot temp, my little neck needs to be wrapped up and AC free. Look at these adorable scarves from Intermix that I picked out. Happy to be sick in these -- they're so uber cute.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chilly Willy

I might be one of the few people still enjoying cooler temperature days. It's been in the 70's since January, so an occasional dip in the temp has been a welcome relief. And an excuse to still snuggle into comfy cashmere sweaters -- from a closet that refuses to convert to Spring/Summer just yet. That would be my closet, my very stubborn closet. I rolled into my work establishment today in cords and a Vince cash-ee and was happy all day long. Love this little Parisian esk look, keep it in mind as you dress for tomorrow which is supposed to be a wee chilly again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today I did an experiment just for fun. I wore a belt. But I didn't wear it like I usually would, which would be as an accessory to style up a look. Instead, I wore it as, well, a belt. With jeans. Not only was it uncomfortable, it was unflattering, totally high maintenance and just plain stupid. Do not do this. If you need to wear one with pants, then your pants are too big and you need to get a smaller size. Helloooo. Not a belt. Stick with me, and stick to wearing them as fashion statements and not practical ones. Because there is nothing practical about a belt. (Those are some of my personal favs in their drawer).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Simple Day

Sorry for the tardy post. The only thing I had going for me today was my striped shirt. It's a Spendid, probably a year old, grey and white, and it's a happy place for me. I really love it. My love for it, and my fashion savvy tenant's observation and compliment of it, reminds me I need more stripes. Such a simple thing, stripes. Throw em' with a cute full skirt (not a pencil, that would be an error, feel free to consult me on why later), some flats, a fun bag (these by Chance, so adorb!) and you're easy. Easy, simple, stripes. Ps, I might be adding Olivia Palermo to my list of muses. Don't hate.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fedora Frenzy

I refuse to say "Happy Monday", what a cliche. There is nothing happy about Mondays generally speaking, so let's talk about the weekend. Yesterday I found myself very distraught because I could not find my favorite Spring/Summer hat. I know I know, seems trivial but those near and dear know that 2012 is the Year of the Face for me and I am taking extra precautionary measures to protect and preserve what my mamma gave me. Which is why not being able to locate a simple hat to place on my dome for a few hours outdoors was so infuriating. Plus, I really love this hat. It's my fedora from Argentina. You know her, you met her in a posting a year ago. Well who the hell knows where she went, leaving me in the lurch and in a Yankees baseball cap. Ruff! So ... I bought some new ones last night. But the point here is not my purchase people, the point is to wear a hat -- not just for fashion, but for your face!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Get After It

It's the week end wrap up. I hope everyone had a good one and that you have fun, festive and happy plans for Easter. This year I'm not feeling the overrated Easter Sunday digs and fancy pants (read, obnoxious) hats -- so I'm going casual. You should try it. Inspired by a cute C&C shirt I saw on a bestie last week, I'm pulling out some shorts and a colorful plaid button down. Pair it with any low slung bottom piece that suits the weather in your area, some booties, sandals or flops, and you're good to go. Here's some inspiration to get you thinking. I'm off to dye eggs and get after some Easter basket loot like the old days. Have a great weekend. Xxx.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Simples, Adidas, Vans, Pumas and a newly acquired pair of Nike sneakers currently occupy my closet. The latter, and latest, a hand-me-down from my niece of all people. She bought some hipster grey/yellow jobbers that she wore once and then decided she didn't like them. Fortunately for me, we're a half size difference and I'll cram my feet into any shoe if I like it enough. But that's the thing, I like very much all of my sneakers but I never wear them. Do you wear yours? Let's align then on the "how to" of sneakers. Simply put, running shoes are for running, tennis shoes are for tennis -- usually it's safe to assume the name and purpose are synonymous. Now sneakers, they are for style. Best way to style em' up is with skinny jeans (or jean shorts in the summer), a simple tshirt and a third piece that balances out the hipster vibe with a splash of "I'm a big deal and you should take me seriously in this look".

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rules of the Road

Thanks to those readers who sent in some of your questions about how to wear neon colors this Spring. You inspired this mood board. For the rest of you, I promise to move off this topic tomorrow, as much like the trend itself, there is but only so much one can stand. Which is "don't" number one: don't overdo it -- watch your neon intake and output; less is best in both the amount on your person and in your closet. One reason that the neon concept is so fun is because it creates shock and surprise. If you wear too much of it, or wear it too frequently, you're abusing its impact. And no matter how much you love a particular article of neon, you must never wear it more than twice. I forbid it. A neon statement has to be handled like a signature moment. Do not be a repeat offender.

Now for some do's: one, pair neon with neutral solids - jeans, some black shorts, a white tank, a khaki skirt, a navy dress. Something discrete that allows the neon to be showcased. With that in mind, accessorize sparingly. Your neon is an accessory itself, by color. Smaller, simple jewelry pieces are best. If neon apparel is too much for you, then test the waters with a neon accessory itself. A bag, a patterned scarf, shoes - definitely shoes, pumps! Or even your make up -- a strong pink or acid orange lip, a citrus green eye or electric yellow nails - why not? Shock and awe. And lastly, don't try to be a hero of your own fashion choices when it comes to this trend. When in doubt, ask someone. Someone you truly trust. Someone who would tell you if you had food in your teeth. Someone who would tell you if you had a booger in your nose.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pink Lady

Today I saw a woman in my office wearing a hot pink shirt -- in keeping with Spring's neon theme. I approved.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning

A few weeks ago while Spring cleaning, I came upon my old Speedy. Like every New York girl trying to be Carrie Bradshaw circa 1998-2000, I too bought into the Monogram Louis Vuitton trend back then. My first one was a Pouch, which I quickly outgrew, literally, and shipped to my niece for her dress up box. It turns out she wasn't into dressing up, let alone a designer bag perfect for her 5 year old stature and pre-school going. Sigh. Of course she didn't care therefore when took it back and gave it to my best friend who has since made great use of it for loose change and lip gloss. In fact, said best friend is who convinced me today to not let go of my Speedster so easily. Instead of consigning it, we discussed how I might reinvigorate it. Tomorrow my 12 year old Speedy is off to Paris for some personalization inspired by one of Spring's hottest colors - neon citrus. I wonder if my niece will like it.