Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rules of the Road

Thanks to those readers who sent in some of your questions about how to wear neon colors this Spring. You inspired this mood board. For the rest of you, I promise to move off this topic tomorrow, as much like the trend itself, there is but only so much one can stand. Which is "don't" number one: don't overdo it -- watch your neon intake and output; less is best in both the amount on your person and in your closet. One reason that the neon concept is so fun is because it creates shock and surprise. If you wear too much of it, or wear it too frequently, you're abusing its impact. And no matter how much you love a particular article of neon, you must never wear it more than twice. I forbid it. A neon statement has to be handled like a signature moment. Do not be a repeat offender.

Now for some do's: one, pair neon with neutral solids - jeans, some black shorts, a white tank, a khaki skirt, a navy dress. Something discrete that allows the neon to be showcased. With that in mind, accessorize sparingly. Your neon is an accessory itself, by color. Smaller, simple jewelry pieces are best. If neon apparel is too much for you, then test the waters with a neon accessory itself. A bag, a patterned scarf, shoes - definitely shoes, pumps! Or even your make up -- a strong pink or acid orange lip, a citrus green eye or electric yellow nails - why not? Shock and awe. And lastly, don't try to be a hero of your own fashion choices when it comes to this trend. When in doubt, ask someone. Someone you truly trust. Someone who would tell you if you had food in your teeth. Someone who would tell you if you had a booger in your nose.

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Anonymous said...

Not only am I am feeling the fuscia pumps I could rock em with my big pretty legs! I'm just saying.