Monday, April 23, 2012

Best In Class

Had a lovely weekend making some new discoveries that I wanted to share with you all. I've been consigning my clothes at Baggio of Richmond for several years. A gem of a shop, but one at which I have usually just dropped off my items and picked up a check later. This Saturday Norma's collection of handbags caught my eye. She really has some great vintage bags worth a visit yourself. And she is adorably sweet. Another place to visit if you want to road trip is in Charlotte, NC. I shopped at Capitol a few years ago but rediscovered them through a friend's new launch of the Scout Guide for Charlotte. Sara Beltran's jewelry is the tiniest glimpse into this boutique's disgustingly amazing selection of designer clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Definitely should be on your list of places to discover. And lastly, a simple find that came to my doorstep from JCrew, with which I was greatly satisfied - the vintage cotton tee. They come in so many fun colors and are as comfortable as a bed of cotton candy. Non, sticky, cotton candy of course. 

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