Monday, June 28, 2010

Ban De Soleil

Gone seem the days of poolside suntanning glamour, right? I mean if the fear of wrinkles and skin cancer haven't had you spending your summers indoors for the past few years, the excruciating heat now does. It's the official ban de soleil. But before I even knew how hot these coming days would be, I had already vowed to ban partaking in baking. If I happen to be outdoors and get some Vitamin D, great. But there is no high maintenance weekend front side, back side body flipping going on here this summer. Which works out nicely since it's so damn hot -- and even if I wanted to tan, it's impossible. So yesterday it was 102. I could stay indoors or find an outdoor activity that didn't involve laying directly underneath a blazing ball of fire by a hot bath posing as a pool. First stop, my niece and nephew. Lucky me! Second stop, Target. Lucky them! By 2:30 I had the full monty slip and slide in effect and was leading the charge in the slipping and sliding. Yeap, I sure was. And you know what else, for the first time in two decades I was in a one piece. Ugh not my friends, they aren't that bad when a bikini is less than appropriate. So not only was my backyard water surfing in great form, so was my fashion in this cute Pret-a-Surf. S and H approved of both. Big kisses my babies. (Zimmermann 10)

LC Shop-It Reco: Surf more looks by Pret-a-Surf on their website or from their store list where other pieces are sold.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prayer and Wear

Two years ago while shopping LA's Fred Segal, I discovered a little DINR (diamond in the ruff) -- Virgins, Saints and Angels. I was quite pleased with this find and my two subsequent purchases. Not being Catholic never entered my mind as I selected a colorful rosary and beautiful cross necklace. They were just too unique to leave behind; and I took even greater pleasure knowing I'd be the only one in possession of this jewelry back East. How I like it. But a year later when my boss asked me if he could get a similar necklace for his wife, I decided saying no would be bad for my career. So she soon became a proud owner as well. And then there were The Real Housewives of New Jersey. For the entire first season, each wife seemed to have a different VSA necklace for every day of the show. For a while I thought those tacky turnpikers had ruined the style and class that these precious pieces once possessed. So I decided to retire my faux-catholosism for a bit. But while in Argentina I stumbled upon an antique booth at a city fair and found the most beautiful rosary. While admiring the Virgin Mary, I recounted this story to my cousin, who said to me, "since when are you Catholic?". But before I could respond, she said, "Oh right, of course, you're Catholic when the fashion suits". Well put. No matter to whom you pray, Riccardo Tisci's play on Virgins, Saints and Angels for Givenchy is worthy of prayer and wear. And so are my two pieces. (Givenchy Fall/Winter 08)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

I am doing just fine back in the States, but do miss you so. To my readers, ola! Cómo estás? Yes, I not only brought back some South American fashion like this Panama Jack inspired hat, but some Spanish too. I'm still in vacation re-entry mode though so this is just a quick hello and notice that I'll be in full LizzieColeman effect again by next week. I mean you all know how it goes -- one must take her time re-aclimating so as not to over activate the gerbils resulting in mental and physical chaos. So for now I'm getting my work affairs, house and most importantly, my hair in order. Thanks to Charles, my powerful stylist, I am cut and colored and ready for summer. And my new coif is the perfect completion to my fun hat. Definitely recommend you purchase one to go with a flirty day look, a sexy cocktail dress or of course with your Brazilian bikini. Wink! (Emanuel Ungaro Spring 09)