Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

I am doing just fine back in the States, but do miss you so. To my readers, ola! Cómo estás? Yes, I not only brought back some South American fashion like this Panama Jack inspired hat, but some Spanish too. I'm still in vacation re-entry mode though so this is just a quick hello and notice that I'll be in full LizzieColeman effect again by next week. I mean you all know how it goes -- one must take her time re-aclimating so as not to over activate the gerbils resulting in mental and physical chaos. So for now I'm getting my work affairs, house and most importantly, my hair in order. Thanks to Charles, my powerful stylist, I am cut and colored and ready for summer. And my new coif is the perfect completion to my fun hat. Definitely recommend you purchase one to go with a flirty day look, a sexy cocktail dress or of course with your Brazilian bikini. Wink! (Emanuel Ungaro Spring 09)

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rikshaw design said...

glad your back..i hve missed you! i bet it was amazing!!