Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nature Nymph

Last day in LA. Well actually I’m not in LA today, I’m on location in the woods. That’s right, in the woods with ticks, rattle snakes and coyotes. Or so I have been warned. Hellooooo. Good to know -- now that I am here and wearing my Prada flip fops. All the better for nature’s wildlife to get me. Had I known, I might have dressed to better brave the elements. But don’t worry everyone, there’s a medic and EMT on stand by so when that rattler slithers up and nips my tootsies because he thinks they are mice (as my Client put it), I’ll be in good care. Really though, I wish I had just gotten the memo. I would have selected more suitable footwear. Been looking for an excuse to showcase Nic’s adorable booties from her Winter Kate collection. Check out these suede beaded moccasins called the Maddie. So darn cute for a day as a nature nymph. (Marie Claire, Natalie Portman)

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