Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Of A Kind

A quick follow up on summer options for keeping warm when the AC is up. I love scarves. I have tons and tons, none of which are solely reserved for Winter months. That's just narrow minded thinking. They're a perfectly good year round accessory and a quite functional solution to indoor cooler temps. And trust me, anyone who has style will not pass a questioning eye if they see you bundled up mid-Summer. Check out these yummies by Brightly Twisted. A throw back to tie dye done in a current modern way makes these scarves are a definite statement piece. Designers Greg Stemas and Tammy Bourque create them entirely by hand such that each is one of a kind with its own unique streaks and pattern. (Milan Fashion Week)

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Swestie said...

This Georgia girl has a hard time thinking about "summer scarves..." but you know I was rocking one today.