Monday, May 3, 2010

The Nip Out

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It was sunny and super hot in Virginia, 92 degrees. Suntans and AC units were in full effect. And unless this heat wave is only temporary, you can expect the latter from your office as well. I call this time of year the "corporate freeze". It lasts from May to October, takes places in buildings occupied by 50 plus people, consists of sub-zero temperatures blowing mock speed, and brings about ... the nip out. That’s right, I said it, nip! Well it’s true and it’s a widespread epidemic for many women who are subjected to cold cubes and deprivation of space heaters due to supposed fire hazards. Fortunately my office accommodates the occasional outburst from my desk just as I near hypothermic conditions and they'll then regulate the temperature in my area. But even still, the minute I leave my den of warmth, there’s an arctic blast right around the corner. It took me awhile to get smart on this -- but just like you should always take an extra layer to a movie or on an airplane, your office is no exception. Duh. I recommend finding a token summer weight sweater or wrap to leave on stand by at your place of work. One or two actually. Pick a neutral style and color and it literally can be pulled out of your drawer, thrown on with anything, and take you all the way until the heat kicks back on next Fall. Though I do recommend one or two trips to the dry cleaners in between.

LC Shop-It Reco: To minimize teeth chatter, ice formations on your fingers and nips from nipping, try this yummy, warm basic from Calypso.

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