Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tight Spot

If you're an East Coaster, you're experiencing an unusual drop in temperature. Just as quickly as the AC went on, it's off again while we weather this momentary chill factor. It probably won't last but another few days, though I'm no Tim Timberlake. TT's a Richmond meteorologist who the locals should know. He also used to be married to our highschool french teacher. Little trivia for ya'. Anyhoo, if this mother nature snafu has you a smidge bit ticked that your warmer wears are packed up until next Fall and frustrated that your freshly tanned legs from the weekend can't be showcased, hush. You've got exactly what you need to manage through this tight spot. Take any of your fun Spring frocks, dresses or skirts, and throw on some black stockings with either. I promise this is fashionably kosher. So one more time, do the stretch, tug and pull and stuff those legs back into your HUE's and quit your shivering. (Tracy Reese Fall 09 Runway)

LC Shop-It Reco: No one should ever be without a basic pair of black opaque tights, and if you are currently, this reco is a fail. But if you have them, you can focus on your dress. Love this cutie from Tracy Reese. Picture it with your tights. Perfect chill factor solution.

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