Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Un Chapeau

One of my favorite french words is un chapeau, meaning hat. It's just so cute, and well, so very french in both pronunciation and fashion. Spend any time in France and you'll be sure to see many to most wearing un chapeau, almost regularly. When I lived there I subscribed to the "cafe-way" - that of an outdoor seating area, coffee, a cigarette, and a hat. By the way, I am not stereotyping the French, if I wasn't American, I'd be French. Love em'! And a further aside, I never have been a coffee drinker or smoker, but when I lived in France, I totally embraced it. Anyway, it doesn't take a transcontinental trip to wear un chapeau. Hats are just outright cool, period. And right now I am absolutely crazy in love with Eugenia Kim's. A New Yorker who one day received a bad hair cut, been there, and needed a means to disguise it, Kim turned to hats. Which became her life and living. She's known for her unique fabrics and fun expression of traditional hat styles. Her collections are sold in all the hot spots in NYC and LA and many a celebrity head has been dawning her wears as of late. You'll pay a pretty price to become an EK follower, but good news, she has a mid-tier line available at Target. Quelle bonne idee!

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Swestie said...

I'm supposed to be French too. I have a whole Frenchie section on Swestie.