Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Road Warrior

I'm on the road again. Will be in LA for a bit and then oh so briefly home before my trip to Buenos Aires. LizzieColeman activity will be sporadic, but I'll try to lob in some goodies as best I can. I still have not purchased a better suitcase. I just don't feel like spending my hard earned duckets on some Tumi fancy pants business. My parents have old school T Anthony, but you almost need a personal porter for those gems and I’m not porter status, yet. And I'm not really into flashy stand out pop art suitcases a la Orla Kiely either. Ick, really not a fan. I had a cute dress of hers a few years back, but what was cute is that it was unrecognizably Orla. Ahaa. Her mojo is like HervĂ© Chapelier to me. If you aren't familiar with my distain, read on. So I really just need an upgrade on a basic black beauty. That's what my Dad calls my current luggage. Black beauty is nondescript, but I can always find her on the carrousel because she's big, black and at least 20pds over weight, average, on any given trip. Her explosive size is unmissable. (New word). And yes, by now you have picked up on that my suitcase is female. But she's a road warrior for sure, just like me! Tootalu for now. (Tumi Campaign)

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