Monday, July 20, 2009

Order Up, One Chichi

There's a couple of times a year when I look into the deep abyss that is my closet, lock eyes with an item and gasp, "Mon Dieu!". Yes, it's true, even I experience fashion fowl purchase. And my victims are usually the result of impulse or over consumption. Neither of which ever produce long-term likeable items. Both of which are easily correctable with consignment. So while someone becomes the new owner of my Summer '08 Marc Jacobs pool tote (you know, the nylon one that came in black and hot pink with the big MJ initials?), I'll be investing in a Summer '09 correctional purchase. If you own said tote, or other such "Mon Dieu's" like LL Bean (double "MD" for monogram), Hervé Chapelier, Longchamps or Orla Kiely, let me introduce my new bag crush. The Chichi. From the mountains of Central America, Maggie Dunn brings us these beautiful, artful, and functional style statements. I'm in love with the color choices, the soft leather, the handles (lotta' love!), and perfectly oversized proportions. Which is an easy bag screw up, but the Chichi is true to the right oversize. I'm totally feeling Kate Moss goes Ibiza, Jessica Alba pilates, Kate Hudson play date with Ryder and Nicole Richie Santa Monica shopping. These bags are all about what's next and are on the fast track from the hands of their authentic craftsmen to the hands of those who put the hot, in hot. Get in on it first. And order up, one Chichi!

LC Shop-It Reco: Chichi Bags * Canvas $150 * Leather: $170 * Multiple Colors

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