Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hats On to America

Options, options, options. And I don't mean the many different ones you have for celebrating Independence Day. How about the ones you have for celebrating your style independence?! Just think, if it wasn't for the American Revolution, would we even be blogging about this? Would I even be able to express my point of view on what your Holiday attire should be? Mon dieu! So thank you George Washington, thank you Thomas Jefferson, thank you Paul Revere, thank you to all our men and women of uniform for all you did and do for the Red, White and Blue. Speaking of uniforms, my vote (because I can) is this raffia cowboy hat from Melissa Odabash. I like that it's a less expected nod to our American heritage and American spirit. So hats on to America! This one will work perfectly with any outfit and for all of your patriotic activities. Some quick thoughts on compliments: distressed white jeans and a hobo blouse, cut jean shorts and a boyfriend button down, a simple maxie dress, or hey, your new Raj tunic. Happy style celebrating, and Happy 4th of July.

LC Shop-It Reco: Net-a-Porter * Melissa Odabash * Raffia cowboy hat with braided leather band and wood beads * 4 inch brim and 4.5 inch crown * $120

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rikshaw design said...

you really WERE a history major impressive to know all those historical figures