Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Thing About Vintage

Ok, I know you're thinking "Is this going to be some jewelry blog?". No, it's not. But it just so happens I've had two bouts with jewelry break ups this past week. And that's one "two" many break ups in a week. In addition to my Harlow, I had a bangle go bust on me. This time admittedly my own fault. So I'm going through airport security at a reckless (not record) speed, stripping off the essentials and off flies my favorite aquamarine bangle with gold leaf detail. Landing, cracked, in two, at my feet. I've been truly upset because this piece was vintage. And the thing about vintage is you can never find it again. You know, it's that whole one of a kind thing. But instead of letting my cracked out bangle get me down, I've decided to find a suitable replacement. Though this is no one of a kind, I'll try it. Thank you Kep Design NYC. Note to self, be on time to airport.

LC Shop-It Reco: Kep Designs NYC * 1 1/2 inch dome bangle * Aquamarine * $55

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