Monday, July 13, 2009

(hold please)

Monday's are pretty rude. Herve Leger wearing is rude too. I mean Heidi, Kim, Denise, what is your point? I'm personally not a fan of seeing all of your bits and parts wrapped in assorted colors of duct tape all across the pages of UsWeekly. Thank you, but no thank you. So while I am quite confident Mr. Leger's intent was sexy, I for one have seen enough. And I'm willing to bet my favorite Manolos that the male consensus on the sexiness of overt B&P is a unamimous not-so-much too. Now if the Mars/Venus folks want to challenge me on this, fair game. But dare I go further, I bet men would also say that what leaves more to the imagination versus less is in fact the sexiest of all sexy. So if you want to create some intrigue, yet the Leger design technique is of intrigue, I recommend something more suitably sexy like this Miu Miu. The jersey fabric adds form, the belt, shape, the pleating, movement, and legs, the rest. Add a cropped leather jacket, bootlets, and eat your heart out Mars.

LC Shop-It Reco: Net-A-Porter * Miu Miu * Pleated Detail Jersey Dress * XS,S,M,L * $580

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