Friday, July 3, 2009

Not Helen of Tory

Today I enjoyed an afternoon of sun at the pool, apparently otherwise known as the "Tory Sea". I realize that I may risk offending some of my potential followers with this post. But I'll take that risk at the off chance I might actually open some of your minds and inspire your inner goddess. So here I was watching woman after woman prance by in their Tory Burch pool tunic. Now I love a good tunic like the next woman, but let's show a little individuality, shall we? If for any reason, to honor the Ancient Greeks who put the tunic on the fashion map. I'm loving the Raj tunics right now. Their beautiful Indian craftsmanship and bold colors and prints really make a statement. And if you want to add a little shape and dress one up, throw a low slung belt around it and you'll really rule your country, club. Just like Helen of Troy. Not Helen of Tory.

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