Friday, July 17, 2009

Aqua Rx

You know what's like a good old dose of Prozac? Aqua. It's true. That color can pack a mean Rx punch. Today I wore some. And today there was no downer too down for my aqua upper. The Dodge mini-van driver who added 1.5 minutes to my already late arrival by doing the back-up, back-in park job, the cold, dry grilled cheese for lunch equaling no lunch, the cookie that came with the GC that has now made weekend bikini wearing daunting, the rain coming down that might negate the need for bikini wearing this weekend -- all, not a problem. And I'm convinced it was due to my color choice for the day. Aqua is a happy color. A calming color. An uplifting color. Its Caribbean water roots can bring warmth and brightness to your skin, spirits and style. It's a mood and wardrobe enhancer essential to your fashion arsenal. And all you really need is two to three pieces to create eye-catching looks. I recommend the following: a piece of jewelry, a handbag or scarf, and a catching top like this one by Alexander Wang. Its silk loose fitting cut and pocket detail is timeless and can be worn chic or casual. Try it chic tucked in to a black high-wasted full and fun mini skirt, skinny belt, long chain necklace, and flirty sandals. In fact, that was my aqua Rx today. I think it worked. Go aqua!

LC Shop-It Reco: Shopbop * Alexander Wang Silk Pocket Tank * XS,S,M,L * $235

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