Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Did anyone see the Miss USA pageant last night? Apparently Virginia was in the top five. Woot woot. Barf. Can't stand pageants. Though Toddlers and Tiaras cracks me up. Anyway, this weekend was oh so pleasurable. I enjoyed some sunny weather, finished a great book, accomplished a monsterous amount of errands, and picked myself up a new pair of J Brands. Truly I think JB is my most favorite line of jeans. The selection and styles are endless and always cutting edge current. Though featured earlier this Spring, I haven't been satisfied with my military trend inspired findings yet. I have a belt, but I have been wanting the perfect cargo look. I spied some J Brand's a month ago and thought for sure they'd be swept off every store shelf by now so had somewhat given up on the pursuit. But yesterday, as if meant to be for me, I stumbled upon them, one pair left in my size, fit like a glove. They're called the Houlihan and have a skinny leg with side cargo pockets and ankle zips just like these from the runway. Military mission accomplished. (Balmain Spring 10).

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