Monday, March 22, 2010

Sir, Yes Sir

There’s no doubt Monday’s are a total drag. But not if you know how to show em’ who’s in charge. What better way to do so than in Spring’s military inspired look. If you’ve been paying attention to the pages of March pubs, you’ve found yourself surrounded by this trend’s full on artillery front. And just this weekend on a history outing to one of Virginia’s Civil War battlegrounds, I found myself literally on the front lines of this current influence on fashion. The staple to this uniform is definitely the tailored jacket. Whether long or short, green or khaki, dressed up or down, this piece will definitely make your Monday stand at attention. Speaking of attention, this undeniably amazing trench by Burberry Prorsum has got mine. Sir, yes sir! Suddenly I find myself very interested in U.S. Military spending. (Serge Leblon 10)

LC Shop-It-Reco: If you’re not in the trenches with a Burberry purchase, you can easily infuse this look into your Spring wardrobe with simple accessories. Check out a webbing eyelet belt from BeltMe or a soilder cap from Zappos or Nordstroms.

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