Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Off With Your Heads

As most of you know, with trends that go en masse, I stay the nonconformist path. So when JCrew started selling Hunter boots this past Fall, I ran the other direction. And thanks to such mass production and consumption, my feet were drenched yesterday in a preview of what is sure to be the coming of April monsoons. Well I've decided I won't be a victim; my feet need shelter too. But under some very strict conditions: 1. I am buying Hunters, to be called and spoken of by no other name. Not wellies, barnboots rainboots or any other brand name butchery. And, 2. I am buying my Hunters in either green or navy. Not purple, pink, yellow or god save the queen, prints. That one really kills me. This is a boot that was worn and popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington of the 19th Century. British aristocracy people! Cheetah print "wellies" does not emulate the fashion of royalty. Off with your heads. (Marie Claire 07)


rikshaw design said...

lol..great shots..can i be the one sitting in the mud with the turban..

Bex said...

Lizzie! No Hunters. You have to go with the Brits! They know rain. Have you seen these Vivenne Westwoods?


Bex said...

Or, if you're going to do Hunters, check these out. Ka-BAM!