Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LizzieColeman 2.0, The Re-Launch

Welcome back readers! After a disappearance act that only David Blaine could trump, LizzieColeman is back. And is bigger, better and more fully-fashion loaded than ever. Thanks to all of your wonderful feedback and support, not only will the re-launch include more frequent posts, but you’ll also get to enjoy some other new, fun LC features. Real life runway reviews, homages to all my favs of fashion bygones, a twitter account for streaming "hold please" moments, and tributes to that and those of influence and inspiration to me. And that’s where we’ll re-begin. A tribute to a very special and deserving someone for her unbelievably accomplished and inspiring self that has touched and motivated me to come back to the world I love so much. One of an absolute adoration for and unconditional dedication to all things fun and fashion. Here’s to LizzieColeman 2.0, the Re-Launch. Be sure to sign up today and start following! X, LC.
(Gucci Fall/Winter 09/10)


Anonymous said...

Yippie! Soo happy you are back and I can live vicariously through your blog! I love you Cuz!

rikshaw design said...

whoo hoo about time missy! i've missed you..great banner