Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Rush The Fuss

Red makes me happy. It has a bite. It’s electric. And this photo’s colorful and eccentric incorporation of red is just the inspiration I need to start a new week. The other key however is finding that transitional Monday piece. My two cents -- don’t rush the fuss if you can get away with it. When I’m not feeling fussy, my go to is any soft, easy cotton tee. Aka, comfort food of fashion. You can still feel weekend-comfortable while going either cas’ with some skinny jeans, a scarf for dimension, or dressed up with a full skirt for personality. Either way, in your favorite tee (red stripes for me), you’re sure to ease into Monday in comfortable and colorful style. (British Vogue 07)

LC Shop-It Reco: Try a yummy Spendid henley available in multiple, fun colors.

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rikshaw design said...

is that me in india?? bump up ur font size i can hardly read it!