Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mini Melt Down

I mentioned in my post yesterday a “full skirt”. Not to have been misinterpreted for that recommended look as a full-length skirt. That would have been ridic’. Rather, what was meant was Spring’s mini trend where skirts lacking in length, are complete with volume. I’ve been holding off on this purchase in anticipation of warmer weather and tanner legs. But last night I had a mini melt down over this pink bubble and broke back. I don’t think there was a site I didn’t search for every full, flared and flouncy skirt that hits above the knee and high at the waste. That’s the look my ladies, short and simple. And it’s getting near leg baring time so start looking for your perfect mini -- that’s of course assuming I left any to be had. (Italian Vogue 06)

LC Shop-It Reco: One of my shop attack purchases from last night is this A-line flared Adam Lippes mini. If full isn’t right for your body shape, you can always try straight, tulip, lantern, or any just-right fit for you.

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Wall Tapestry said...

Wow ! beautiful skirt. I love this. Thanks for sharing....