Friday, August 21, 2009

Maxed Out

Another delicious afternoon in the Apple. A quiet one too. The Hamptonites have packed their weekend bags and flocked North, South, East and West. And I can tell you something that better not be in their bags, something somewhat of a serious subject to me and a long overdue topic. I wouldn't be doing Summer 2010 justice if I didn't officially put the nail in this closet. The closet in which hangs the Maxi dress. That's right ladies, it's time. It's been time. In fact, it never was time. I bought one last May. I returned it last May. I had thought it was perfect for those "I had too much mac and cheese last night" days. Roomy. Max-i. But my rationale and reason behind the purchase was exactly what is so horrible about this maxed out trend. Why on earth would I want to wear something that was so utterly unflattering. Let's not kid ourselves, just because most Maxis have a fitted, high wasted bodice does not forgive the table skirt that hangs beneath. Come on. It's a tent with straps. A bag with a halter. Need I say more? I shall. Put the mac down, take a blow torch to the Max, and if you want that same comfy cotton feel, then try this Juicy from their pre-Fall collection. It just came in last night and I tried it on today. Love! Worked brilliantly with my gladiators and will transition fiercely in another month with booties. Alright then, my work is done. I need another bite of this Apple before my morning flight.

LC Shop-It Reco: Juicy Couture Stores or Zappos * Self Scarf Dress * XS,S,M,L * $128

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