Monday, August 3, 2009

Rocky Mountain High

Three things are making me happy right now. The Sugarland TV special (bite your tongue). The glow from my Aspen holiday (apologies for the sabbatical). And of most importance, this mountain escape inspired find straight from my bestie and hostess with the mostess herself (xoxo fellow adoriste). Greeted last week in Aspen by some special faces, the JWLA t-shirt worn by my bestie gave me a particularly happy face. From that moment I had to have my own Darjeeling Rose scoop neck. I couldn't have imagined a better and more fitting ensemble for a summer trip West and only wished I had some pieces of my own for my stay. But now I will thanks to Johny Was. Though there definitely is no "was" to the fun and funky trend currency of these designers. A collection that has only been available for a few years and only in select stores, JWLA is officially all things now and worthy of some serious fashion play. The bright, free-spirited colors paired with beautiful embroidery and applied to youthful silhouettes such as jersey tees and voile dresses scream wear me, love me! And speaking of, one of my favorite details on the front and back of select JWLA pieces is the heart shaped embroidery around the word "Love". So bring this Rocky Mountain high to your nearest metro dwelling. My picks are the Anabelle blouse, the tiered dresses and staple tees.

LC Shop-It Reco: JWLA * Elizabeth's Embellishments * Multiple styles * All sizes * $100-300

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