Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penguin Arm Candy

This week I'm back in New York. Which for the first time this summer is reaching more familiar temperature highs. Hot child in the city is for sure SJP. Hot. Yesterday I managed a quick visit to my Soho haunts. Charming as ever. Though on Elizabeth Street I unexpectedly encountered some papzi mayhem over Lilo out shopping. Worthy of mention only because wow, she is a seriously sad calamity of style gone wrong. Very wrong. But where style never fails is on 5th Avenue; where I took a sprightly stroll this afternoon. Outside Bergdorf's always-brilliant window displays, I was reminded of the art and allure of such expression. Theirs and Barney's have always managed to transcend me from the pavement to a fashion fairy tale. At BG today one window caught my eye in particular. It contained a gorg, gorg, gorgeous gown. I was immediately overcome with the desire to slip into something equally evening extravagant, grab my dashing penguin in waiting, and take in a night of old Hollywood formal fashion glam. And how absolutely glamorous is this Donna Karan. A little girl's dress up box dream come true. And yet, nothing like what lived in my Winnie the Pooh clad dress up box (Mom!). But that I'd most definitely kill to have in my big girl one. The jeweled cobalt, refined draping, feminine neckline, empire waste belt and goddess shape are all the makings of classic penguin arm candy.

LC Shop-It Reco: Bergdorf Goodman * Donna Karan Belted Gown * 2-10, $3495

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