Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stella My Bella

It was 58 degrees this morning. I'm confused. And convinced I'm being tested. Between September Vogue, the new season of the RZ Project, countless emails from my fab-five fashion sites about Fall must haves, and this pre-season Arctic blast, you'd think the Gods are messing with my code. The code that is I do not walk, talk or buy Fall fashion until the weekend of Labor has officially passed. I've never been able to think about wool while pools and summer sun still beckon. Too itchy. Plus it feels like I'm cheating on summer to wear boots on August 31st. Yes I saw you, tisk tisk. But the main reason I resist is that the longer I wait, the better it is. Like giving up chocolate for Lent. With each day the craving grows and grows, until alas Easter, and oh sweet heaven of yumminess! I digress. So right now I'm pretty much relying on super woman strength to not break bad on leather leggings, velvet jackets, and the 80's revisited. Therefore until next week, seasonless moments like lingerie feel like a safe place for me. And Stella McCartney's new collection is just that - safe, but in a good way and a beau-T-ful way. Not too naughty, not too nice, these pieces have a European romance to them, a soft elegance and yet still command your inner sexy. My favorites are the Amber Chatting* bra and bikini, the Lola Spinning bra and shorts and the Clara Whispering chemise. The latter for some bedroom "je ne sais quoi", the Lola for a steamy night out, and the Amber for a Saturday morning cuddled up in your most favorite throw sipping hot chocolate. How lucky to be a woman and to enjoy such moments of femininity and stripped down beauty. Well done, Stella my Bella. Big kiss.

LC Shop-It Reco: Stella McCartney * Lingerie Collection * $50-$350

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