Thursday, July 22, 2010

Birthday Best

Today is my early joint birthday celebration with my niece. If not on either of our special days, some time near them we partake in what has become a standing tradition. That of just us two leo gal pals having a Build a Bear date. I have Chichi monkey, Koalie koala, Martin the snow bear and another yellow bear in cowboy boots whose name escapes me. I am sure SMB would be able to recall his name and easily rattle off those of her collection as well. But this year we’re changing it up. And that’s because like with any trend or fad -- they come and go. And so, gone are Build a Bears. At least for this soon to be nine year old. So today we will be having our first ever Webkinz date. And this post is a special one because it’s my formal invitation to SMB for this very special tradition: SMB, you are cordially invited at 6pm for a Short Pump Webkinz outing. Followed by a GNO at your restaurant of choice. And topped off with birthday yummies and a girls only slumber party at your Nummie’s. (Nice rhyme if I do same so). Now of course, next to some QT with my girl, of most importance is attire. It would only be suitable that we dawn our Birthday best. Which could only mean pink, flirty, fun and feminine for me. And for you SMB, anything in green! (Chanel 09)

LC Shop-It Reco: Go up, up and away with your birthday balloons in this Chanel ad's look-alike party dress from Rebecca Taylor.


colin rose said...

Love your blog! Happy early birthday to you!

StylishBird said...

That image is to die for! That is the most adorable party dress.