Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thank You LBJ

Sorry to drop off the grid for the last week. But I'm here. It's probably a good thing I was taking it easy so that I can use all my saved up energy on a serious Met Gala beat down today. Oh, my, gah' -- I have never seen such insults to high fashion and couture design. With the exception of maybe two or three favorites, I was generally offended, insulted and completely disappointed. Rachel Zoe and Karolina Kurkova should be hung. Beyonce should go back home and nurse that baby in the dark for the next year out of shame. SJP, don't even get me started girl, someone needs to take you back to your little house on the prairie and tie you to a tree. And Gwynnie, oh god, this was not Disney on Ice, and tuck your boob back in for the love. If it wasn't for Scarlett Jo, I'd feel all was lost. But thanks to her beauty and Dolce choice, there is hope. 


Sarah Ewing said...

Completely agree about Gwyneth. How old does she think she is? Plus that was just a horrible dress.
Wasn't a big fan of Emma Stone, either. Looked a little too short waisted and plastic.
LOVED Jessica Biel but wanted it longer!

rikshaw design said...

You are hysterical...