Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Met Moment

I'm still reeling over Monday's poor attempt at honoring one of fashion's greatest nights and events of the year. Jessica Biel, come on! Kristen Stewart's Balenciaga almost made me e-bay my entire 'iaga handbag collection, which I covet. January Jones shopped at McDonalds apparently. And Christina Ricci looks like a sea urchin stuck in a conk shell. I really should have been there to save face for all of them. Had I -- this would have been my moment. Note, a little goes a long way. Dress by Peter Som Spring 2012, cuff by Charles Albert, clutch by Michael Kors, shoes by Jimmy and nails by Essie Clambake. I know I know, that name sort of throws the whole look, but the color makes it. Trust. 

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