Monday, June 18, 2012

Suitable For Sun

Today I got to have a quick love fest with one of my bestie's babes. Let me tell you straight up -- these are two of the cutest nugs in the land. Full of personality, sass and style. Both were working some lizziecoleman approved footwear - pink sparkly flops on Layla (4 going on who knows what) and aqua/orange Adidas sneaks on Alex (3). They were headed to the beach and as I hugged them good bye, I whispered to Layla to have fun, rock a cute "bu-kini" and wear sunscreen. She seemed to track with the first two points, but not the latter. She'll get there. For my adult friends who are already there, check out these options from Mara Hoffman. Pending what suits your fancy, you can cover up with her caftan or lather up in some serious SPF 30 and this bikini. I like em' both. 

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